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A car tire can go flat in the middle of anywhere and therefore every car user is expected to have basic knowledge of how to change a flat tire. Flat tires are a normal occurrence to car users and therefore a driver is expected to change the tire whenever it goes flat. Getting a flat does not give the car driver a warning when it is going to happen as it can occur in any place where there is no any car mechanic around. Being able to change a flat tire is one experience that drivers always arrive home and appreciate their journey by being able to solve a small mechanical problem on their car without needing a mechanic. This is the only part that makes everyone a motor mechanic. It can also be helpful in an environment where one is not accessible to enable help. Being able to follow the instructions from the manufacturer of the car will ensure that the tire is fixed well and eliminate chances of injury. The owner’s manual provide a lot of information on how to change a flat car but drivers cannot go around carrying the manual hence the need to learn how to change a flat tire without referring to the manual.

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  1. The first thing is to ensure that the car is safely removed from the highway, and parked off a flat ground with emergency flashers on. Let the car be in first or reverse gear with transmission. The parking brake should also be engaged.
  2. Remove all the tools that are used for changing a flat tire including the spare wheel, tire jack, wheel chocks, and lug wrench.
  3. In case the wheel is equipped, remove the hub cap using the tapered end of the lug wrench. The other end should be used to make the nuts loose while held down. This is done when the wheel is still in contact with the ground. The procedure is simply to loosen the nut a little. However, one should take care not to remove the lug nuts at this time.
  4. The next step is to block the wheel crosswise contrary to the flat tire on either side so that the car cannot roll during the process of jacking up.
  5. One then needs to identify the location specified in the owner’s manual and place the jack underneath that place. Care should be taken to ensure that the jack is placed at the exact place to avoid the car from falling off, which might cause damage to the car or possible injury to you. Jack up the car until the flat tire is totally lifted from the ground using the jack handle.
  6. Complete the process of loosening the lug nuts started earlier; and finally removes them from the tire.
  7. Lift the wheel from its studs and put it in a safe place
  8. Mount the spare wheel on its studs ensuring that it is well lined up on the wheel studs. Yarn the lug nuts back on top of the studs, while making sure that the tapered end in mounted to the wheel. Take care not to cross the thread lug nuts. Use your hands to make lug nuts tight.
  9. Use the jack handle to lower the car slowly to the ground. When the car is finally on the ground, use the lug wrench to make all lug nuts tight ensuring that they are as tight as they were before the tire went flat.
  10. Put back the hub cap. Place the flat tire in its place and tighten it as required. Put back the tools in their place and drive away after ensuring that the highway is clear of any coming car.

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