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This paper is going to focus on the major business events that took place in the United States between 4 April and 18 April 1968. In the analysis, the paper will generally reveal that 1968 was an extraordinary year in the history of the country, especially when the events that took place that year are taken into consideration. The paper will focus on the events happening in the business and political sphere in the two week period starting April 4 1968. In the analysis, it will be revealed that the events that took place during this period were highly intertwined in one way or the other. The paper will also highlight on the culmination of each event and how each affected or was affected by the other. It will also be revealed that happenings that are more important were also witnessed in the political scene precipitated by the presence of the US military in Vietnam. This had not only made the US attract attention of the world community but also cripple with financial and legal issues to cater for the US military in Vietnam.

In analyzing the events during in this period, the paper will use primary sources such as articles published in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco chronicle’s, Times, and Newsweek. Moreover, documentaries aired by CNN and other media channels at the time will be reviewed for business information. However, these primary sources will be useful in deducing information in business, entertainment, economics, and politics at the time. The sources will also provide information on the government’s response on the events during that two week period and analyze how such responses could have contributed to the escalation or plummeting of business activities across the country. Moreover, the primary sources will provide details on the new developments that were happening in the entertainment industry such as launching of TV channels in several States which changed not only the way people communicated but also the way business was done in the country. In the analysis, it will be revealed that most of the occurrences in the business world were a reaction to the events in the political sector together with the economic inequality and racial conflict, which was escalating between the Whites and the Blacks in the country.


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