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Free «Chocolate and Broccoli Group» Essay Sample

The main effect of interest in the current study is differences between the perception of emotion before and after eating different broccoli and chocolate. The result showed a main effect of eating, F (1, 98) = 3.310, P <0.05, indicating that eating behavior does have an impact on the perception of emotion. Figure 1 indicated that there is no significant correlation between gender and score for the ambiguous expression after eating (mean for male= 1.297, mean for female=1.301), t=1.167, P>0.05.

In order to find the different effect of chocolate and broccoli on the perception of emotion, a t-test for dependent means is used to check the score that the participants gave to the ambiguous expression after eating different foods. The result showed that there was a main effect for food types, t (99) =3.540, P<0.05, indicating that different foods have different effect on the perception of emotion. Participants in the chocolate group (Mean= 1.840, SD=0.99714) tend to rate the ambiguous expression more positively than the broccoli group (Mean= 0.76, SD= 1.91, see in Table 1).The data indicating that the chocolate group has enhanced positive emotion detection than the chocolate group.. In contrast, the broccoli group shows less positive emotion detection after eating. The broccoli group frequently rates the ambiguous expression as negative. This result indicates that the different food had different impact on the perception of ambiguous expression.


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