Free «Countries Should Encourage Tourism» Essay Sample

Tourism has a lot of benefits to individual nations. The benefits are there to be seen. Tourism is a significant source of income. The income is of significance to the countries, more so, for those that are poor and the ones that do not have developed industries. Tourism is known all over the world as the fastest budding economic sector and industry. This is because of the job creation and foreign exchange earnings it brings. Thus, it should be encouraged.

People travel around the world, to taste for adventure and due to curiosity. The motivation to travel include; aesthetics such as the sceneries and environment of the countries; relaxation, many tourists escape the sun and sand to drop and reduce tension; knowledge of culture, education programs, and wanderlust; status, as some come due to prestige, social recognitions, and ego enhancement; sense of belonging, some have friends and family members in other nations; security reasons, fro health and active recreation purposes.

The success of tourism depends on the programs that a nation has to develop the sector. A fluctuation in tourist’s numbers visiting a nation affects communities’ lives and the developments of better programs are necessary. Mill (1992), “The objective and goal of tourism for any nation should be well integrated with the communities’ goals”.



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The economic base of any nation is expanded by tourism activities. Tourism provides jobs for the locals, and this enhances economic stability. Moreover, tourism helps in diversifying the economy of a country. This happens not only to industries that are directly related to tourism, but it also brings new services to the community as some become permanent residents.

Countries need to develop the tourism industry so as to attract tourism. The impact of income can not be ignored whatsoever. The developed tourism industry attracts more tourists to the nations. This makes the governments of nations to develop the infrastructures in such countries. More motels, hotels, gas stations, craft stores, recreational facilities, grocery stores, and bait shops are built. These create jobs for the locals as businesses are run that do not need extensive skills or training. This is significant as it also helps to serve the natives of these countries and develop the nations too.

In addition, tourism allows the locals to experience and appreciate both their own and others culture. Getting into contact with other culture can be promoted by tourism as some people can never have a chance to travel out of their own countries. The locals get a change to renew their pride in their quality of life and heritage. The ethnic cultures, traditional crafts, and historical sites are some of the ways that the preservation is done.

There are, however, a few disadvantages of tourism. It leads to overdevelopment leading to ugly scenes. Crowded tourist spots are created, and this in return, leads to environmental damage. Tourist actions at times can damage some picturesque and exotic places by their actions. In addition, tourism can have an impact on the lives of the locals. Tourism can destroy the local people way of life (uberlovely, 2008). This can happen as people can be influenced, by the tourists, to give up some of their traditions and not using the local goods and copy their way of lifestyle.

Looking at tourism in general it is quite obvious that it is a significant field in the development of many nations. Tourism brings a lot of income in many countries; however, careful attention is needed, so as to utilize the advantages. The environmental damage and influence it has on the local people should also be looked at keenly.


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