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In a society whose larger part of the population is heterosexual, the few who find themselves on the other side of the bridge, more often than not find themselves on the receiving end of the majority. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals and the transgendered community made up the minority in society. The conflict between the two groups more often than not is silent and goes unnoticed. However, in some parts of the world, there is discrimination and violence against the minority group.

Owing to the fact that every person in society has something to offer, then the contribution of the lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered communities (LGBTs) too should be appreciated. This is not always the case as most heterosexual persons look down upon and despise them. However in some regions, these groups have gained support from other persons in society and shown progress in the projects they undertake.

There is an undoubted input of the LGBTs in our day-to-day life especially in connection to the arts and cultural sector. A group like The Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado has created more awareness among straight persons that they have the capacity to do so, this is as stated by Johnson (2011). It is in regards to nightlife and recreation, there are numerous gay-friendly social events that are organized in the neighborhoods. Denver has the largest performing arts complex, art galleries and museums that display artistic work collected during the LGBTs social events. There are a huge number of theatres that screens plays and regional premieres that are LGBT affiliated.



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In connection to family life and religion, homosexuals have received much criticism. Though some religions have slowly been accepting them there is a negative perspective of them still. There are various forms of families within this minority section of persons. These families are normal and complete with children. With time there has been a noted increase in societal tolerance towards changes in the family structure and in sexual orientation. More persons are now confident of their sexuality and do not shy away from it. In addition, more of them are creating their own families through donor insemination, adoption and surrogacy (Martin & Rayan 2000).

The coming up of such families has a direct impact on school set-up as the kids need to be incorporated in normal society. This has in a way caused the school authorities to be considerate of this minority group and brought in the services of professions to advice on how to deal with them. It is true that these groups needs this specialized knowledge and gradually, will get them. With such efforts, development of family, school and community partnerships is guaranteed as the children are successful in their education. This is one of the positive contributions of the gay and lesbian family set-ups (Dixon, 2001).

In connection to family life and religion, homosexuals have received much criticism. Though some religions have slowly been accepting them there is a negative perspective of them still. New churches that support this group have come up and taken in these persons in large numbers (Unitarian Universalist Associations of Congregations, 2011). This in a way has challenged the main stream churches which tend to relax the hard stance they have on this group to avoid losing followers. Unitarian Universalist Congregations welcomes the LGBTs. Such holds a strong believe in respecting the worth and dignity of every person. This is one of the few religions that have openly taken to ordaining gays and lesbians and even overseeing their religious activities such as weddings.

Heterosexuals, who consider themselves as ‘the normal ones’ find it difficult to accept the LGBTs in their lives. In a case of a school set-up, children from the perceived normal families of father and mother tend to segregate themselves from those from gay families. This is really discouraging especially if it extends to push the kids out of school for some reason. As Dixon (2001) notes, heterosexual parents can also be a setback in the case where they are against the spread of diverse ideologies on sexuality.

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In the case where persons affiliated to the LGBTs start up businesses; few heterosexuals are supportive, in terms of being clients and customers. This may be a discouraging factor for them and make them to pull out of such ventures. Bad publicity due to their sexuality may also lead to their downfall.

Lack of support from governments to this minority groups is also a hindrance to their progress. In the case where there is a petition for their defense or such a cause, lack of hold-up demoralizes them. This may push these persons to moving away and settling in zones that recognize their rights and respect them or alternatively cause them to withdraw from the public domain.

Rigid ideologies held by heterosexuals about homosexual also hinder the appreciation of efforts they put to attain normalcy in their lives (Martin & Rayan 2000). However how much society grows, chances are that they will never come to a point of complete acceptance of homosexuals. But gradually, with activism and socialforums, things get better for them.


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