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Personal account is one of the easiest but difficult things to write about. This is because of the numerous challenges that people go through in life. Being raised with different people in different cultures and places gave me the ability to interact with whomever I met around the world with confidence. I was raised in Saudi Arabia then I went to the United Kingdom as a teenager. I later moved to Miami, Florida for University. At a young age I learned to respect everyone despite differences and never having a stereotype or a racist thought of people around me. The reason was that I was able to attend my primary school in an international school and met with several people from diverse cultures and background.

At an early age back home in Saudi Arabia, I went to Jeddah International School that had people from diverse cultures. Many of the students came from all over the globe. It is noteworthy that at the beginning, it was remarkably difficult for me to intermingle with the other students since I had no command of English language. English was amongst the toughest subjects, and has remained so till today. I met a stranger by the name Daniel who always tried to talk to me but all I could say was that “I am sorry I don’t speak English.” I have always felt that this was very shameful since the other kids I met spoke in fluent English. Nonetheless, hardly gave up and I always went to “Miss. Knott” to learn better English and practice with her so as to gain more confidence in myself.



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A year later, I had gained confidence and the ability to interrelate with other students. I could speak better English, and we made friends with Daniel who was a stranger, but I later learnt that he was Brazilian. Besides, I also got to know more about Nicole’s background, which was very interesting as we never got the real image of India. Nicole was from Indian and was a simple girl who lived a beautiful and natural life. I never thought of her initially as a good girl that I later came to learn. It was at this point that I came to learn so much about the other students’ backgrounds. As a young man, I had I was brought up in an environment without stereotype. I suppose I learnt so much about several people’s backgrounds. Learning about other people’s backgrounds changed my life and I could relate to everyone around the world. I learnt that before I make any false accusation or judge my fellow students, I was to read between the lines. Being raised intermingling with diverse cultures and backgrounds, is something I still cherish since it helps me till today. Nowadays, I do not have trouble getting interrelating with strangers from different communities. At the age of twelve, I moved to Nottingham, United Kingdom where I lived till I attained the age of eighteen. I developed a good understanding of how life is complex and one must work hard to change his or her life, nevertheless, my family had no privy knowledge of what I had learnt.

My parents guided me through my teenage years as we moved to the United Kingdom. Here, I had the duty to learn a lot and ensure that I made sacrifice to ensure that I adjusted numerous aspects of life to our new home. Three years later after we moved to Nottingham, my big brother, Taher Tayeb was always my confidant and a source of inspiration. He was five years older than me when he went back to back home to study Medicine. I was frightened and felt I should accompany him back home since I had missed home, relatives and my culture. I also never wanted to stay behind without my big brother. My father Mamdouh Tayeb insisted that I stay in Nottingham and learn more about life as much as I could because at some point in life, I shall definitely for the all the possible time away from home as one day in life i’ll be back home for good. An experience that made me feel responsible is while living in the UK, it was after my parents had an emergency and had t go back home.

For almost a year and a half, I had to live alone and it was a very challenging experience because I had never lived on my own. As I turned seventeen, life became full of challenges since I had to sit for my GCSE exams and had to attend two schools. As a young boy, I had frequent challenges in life after I had grown up. I became responsible for numerous errands such as the house, cars and all other things to help my parents. I remember I had to struggle with several errands since my objective was to grow as a responsible person. All the struggles opened up numerous opportunities that later became essential in my life. I gained enormous experience and I was capable to take care of myself as I lived alone figuring out life with all the responsibilities. In addition, upon graduating, I went to my home country and went back to Saudi Arabian School. To my surprise, no one was there next to me since my family was not around. As I graduated, I learnt that you don’t always have people or family around you to praise you for the good things you did. As much as praises may come from different people, I missed my family’s presence. I knew I had grown up and could start doing my things on my own.

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The experiences I had in the UK after graduating helped me make the decision of studying along in America. I believe it was a difficult decision to make, though; I had to leave all the feeling I had for my family behind and endeavor to soldier on with the new adventure. Surprisingly, this adventure was to be away from home. I also remember that my mum was against me going to Miami. She felt devastated as well as I because I knew she was the person I always confided on when faced with difficulties. I remember going back home towards the end December, 2011 just before coming to America. My mum made a statement that I still remember, “Why don’t you stay here close to us, I will always be worried about you if you if you leave.” She said so in a very sad voice, then we have a long conversation and I promised her that I will always be fine and come back to her as much as possible. She was relieved a bit and she said, “The day you will come back after graduating, I will be the happiest person.” My mother, Hala Ashi said that she will be the happiest mom. The reason why I always insisted to go back to America was because I wanted to know more about their cultures. I wanted to learn about the lifestyle of the American people and I chose Miami specifically because it has several people from all over the world and I knew that going to Miami, I will be able to learn a lot.

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The final foremost decision of moving to Miami, Florida was supported with the teachings and experiences that I learned and gained throughout my life. I believed that I was to begin a new life altogether. Beginning my life in Miami was one of the best decisions I ever made in life and it only took days before I learnt something great in life. I came to realize the importance of helping others and learnt how to approach people. This is what I found inspirational at the University of Miami. I found American professors and students who were always willing to assist others. I have never felt that way before. I dealt with teachers or professors who impacted my life. I always believe that these lessons are what made me the person I am today. Personally, I always believe that the person I am today was the result of fondness and help I received from the American people. Nonetheless, I must admit that it was a long journey that began from my life in my homeland and later meeting, interrelating with different people from diverse backgrounds. It is through these major factors that made my personality and behavior towards everyday life positive. I learnt that people learn from failures since I encountered many challenges that saw me through and made me the person I am today.

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To conclude, I suppose every person is born simple, without the knowledge of anything. However, through interrelating with numerous people from diverse backgrounds, one is capable of leaning a lot. My parents chose to put me in a situation I never regret because as I grew older I was able to make informed decisions in life. She told me that “You always learn better trying than being told everything.” All the guidance I received from people was very instrumental to my life today. My parent always preferred that I connect with different cultures and background and have a better understanding of who people around the globe. My parents thought that this is the way they always wanted me to think and be as they never had the choice and the ability to know more about different cultures. I am so grateful to everyone who made me who I am today.


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