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The essay unfolds with a high ecstatic note that can naturally  only serve to form and invite a curious audience to take part in the Maine Lobster Festival which is  a  popular and  colourful celebration held every year in the closing of the month of July.The venue for the celebration is another booster for excite ment that accompanies the festival. It is the centre of the actual lobster induatry, located in the midcoast region of the state. The aim of my essay is to analyze the rhetorical approach  and effectiveness of the essay titled ‘’Consider the Lobster’’ by  David Foster Walace.

What exactly draws crowds to the much esteemed is what makes the festival  along awaited for event .the description of the two main communities making up the region, that is, Camdem and Rckland is not only metaphorical but briefly hints social and economic devide that would contribute to varying flavor of the essay. Camdem is associated with money and  five star restaurants contrasting with Rockland which is lagging behind with its old fishing activities which also illustrates unproductivity potraye in its name ‘Rockland’. Ironically, it is Rockland that hosts this   hoourable festival  on is historic Harbor Park situated along flow of yhe river.

The crowds neiter  line up for the festival for as tourists nor as customers to rhe the best restaurants offering the delicacies of lobster, the two enriching day to day activities ,but they follow the joy that is comes with it. The 56th  Annual MLF  subject for this festval with its most suitable defining theme for th festival ‘’Lighthouses ,Laughter and Lobster’’  could only catch the ears and provoke the appetideds of the jubilant people straming down the festival as well as making them too expectant.. MLF also appealed to the people’s emotions through concerts, parades, what is commonly known as MemorialCrate Race among other exclusively appausible events. However,  lobster eating would soon dorminate all the other heart warming event,after all, this is Maine ‘ Lobster ‘ Festival. The organisaton and planning of every event is so timely, ranging from ntetainment  competitions  to the  most important business of lobster cooking and eating.

The essay is not without a purpose besides the entertainment and lobster eating. Wallace,  explores the  classification , the common physical characteristics , occurance, historical attitude of the people towards its use a s food and its preparation when used as food, its original uses and the  introduction  of lobster industry in the 1840s. This background would soon provide reason for its being a posh and delicacy meal. It is very informative and motivational. It is unbelievable that  lobster is richer in nutrients, more substancial, has a greater taste than the gaminess of mussels and clums of marine waters. This issues highlighted in the esay provide evidence  that lbster is of great value to the people who use it. It is  shown that lobster is safer a diet  because  it has  less calories,less saturated fat andlesss cholesterol than chicken wich many people adore. This is among the promotion criteria used by the Lobster Promotion Council in addition to  application of other methods to counter any idea that will oppose its consumption. T he council has a role to dismiss any claims made by an individual or a group  who live by the assumptions that it is either expensive, unhealthy or meant for blow -the- diet –treat. Through the essay, Wallace sems to boost the campain of the council , though not directly to try the lbster after possibly having been forgotten for along time.

Exploring   briefly  on the limitation of lobster consumption, may be not to be biased,  Wallace argues that  the Main Eating Tent’s suppers are expensive as he illustrates their service in which styroform trays are used as well as the soft drinks that accompanies these suppers. He is free to mention that lobster eating can mess one especially when crowded. Although he gives more evidence on th challenges involved in eating lobster, he ends up declaring them as petty in conviniences which should not make one not to eat lobster ths tightening his stance on persuading his audience to consider lobster as good food.

Lobsters are bbasically a   preferred during summer  when they tend to be hungriest and hence trappabe. Also they  moult in this season. Wallace gives  both economic and tactical reasons for this observation. He says that  lobsters are difficult to obtain in other seasons due to the above reasons. Because the lobsters can live for 100 years , they grow  as large as 20 pounds and more yet again dismisses their availability citing reasons of  heavily trapped England waters. Commenting on cost and flavor , he classifies lobster into soft a.k.a. shredders  and  hard shelled . The former is sweeter and cheaper because they have less meat and  can produce a jet of water that can accidentally enter into eye.

It can be noted from the essay tht  Wallace is not ignorant of the people for the Ethical Treament of Animals. One  wealthy political consultant, who is closely associated to  activists of PETA  according to Wallace’s findings, argues one has to line up for an ungoly time for lobsters. On the other hand,  some ax-flower children say lobsters should not be eaten since they die in terrible pain. Later , PETA , has to use celebrity people to speak words against consumption of lobsters such as “.Lobsters are extraordinarily sensitive’’. Wallace still find s the effectiveness of the title whem he agrees with the argument that lobsters do not feel pain since they lack the cerebral cortex that is responsible for experience of pain. Therefore, he supports his title to consider the lobsters . He also goes a head to say that ther is cruelty in eating animals  making many people uncomfortable because of the morality of their eating habits . Because the matter is complex, he decided to avoid thinking about, terming it  as an unpleasant thing.

Certain  moral questions cannot be avoided  in  honestly ways. The reason given is that lobsters are not boiled alive but someone boils them. The world’s largest Lobster cooker  is an attraction in the festival so that the whole world is aware of it. He says that whether an anmal feels pain or not should not be appoint to consider when slaughtering animals. There is more unhappy  news respectingsuffering criterion which argues that lobsters lack hearing  and eyesight but have excequisite tactile  sense.

 Lobsters express some response to the environment such as if light shines upon them, they will all mov e away to a darker corner. Lobsters’ claws are banded on capture to prevent them from  attacking one another  due to the stress of nbeing stored in a closed quarter since they dislike being crowding.

There is a question whether future generations will regard our eating habits the wway we view  our past’s Nero’s entertainments.Wallace  already has his take on it in that the argument is basedon the fact that animals are of less  morally impotant than  human beings.Wallace says this  is safeguarding one’s selfish interests and nobody has come up  with a personal ethical system to truly defend  the above idea apart from selfish interests.


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