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Free «The Taming of the Shrew» Essay Sample

The taming of the shrew and 10 things I hate about you have a lot of similarities and differences. Character behavior forms the primary point of comparison. The character values and themes in taming of the shrew are successfully evident in the 10 things I hate about you. Marriage and romance, the significance of money, patriarchal values, status and social order as well as transformation are realized in both works.

There are a lot of similarities in the characters who are in the taming of the shrew as well as the ten things I hate about you. Katherine, a character in the taming of the shrew is the shrew who is related to Kat. Kat is a short form of Katherine in the film. Petruccio in the play and Pat, short for of Patrick in the film are the tamers. Bianca is the name of the shrew’s sister in both the play and the film.

Basing the idea on the plot, a wealthy father of Katherine and Bianca in the taming of the shrew has a dream of giving out the hands of his daughters in marriage. He wishes to get good dowry to release of his daughters. Due to higher demand of Bianca, her father puts a restriction to her. Bianca is loved because of her beauty. The father insists that Katherine must be married first. This forces Lucentio to look for Petruccio whose aim is to tame Katherine.



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In the current society, the way in which the same situation is handled in 10 things I hate about you is extremely accepted. Most of the characters are teens. Plots created are related to that of taming the shrew. The father of Kat and Bianca also wants the best for his daughters. He wants her daughters to be dated concurrently. Bianca also had most of the suitors as compared to her sister Kat. This makes Bianca to undergo a lot of trauma just because of her elder sister. None seems to be attracted to Kat. This puts Bianca in jeopardy because Kat must be married first. The upcoming dance puts Bianca in a dilemma of whom she will go to. Is it Caeron or Joey? Pat comes to her rescue. His main intention is to tame Kat’s anti-social life by offering to date her so as to clear the way for Bianca’s engagement.

Another similarity is the naming system. Most characters in taming the shrew and ten things I hate about you have the same names. Bianca and Katherine have the same naming. Petrucio is related with Patrick as well as Cameron who is affiliated to Cambio and Lucentio. These characters almost behave in the same manner in terms of their personalities. Cameron wanted to be closer to Bianca in ten things I hate about you. Cameron if put into pretence so as to seduce Bianca. He pretends to be a teacher of French so as to gain access to his darling. Lucentio also wants to be close to Bianca in taming the shrew. He disguises himself as a Cambio so as to fit the need of Bianca’s taste.

In both the play and the film, Bianca is a lady, well admired by many men. This is due to her nice behaviors. She is quite attractive to anyone who by any chance had an opportunity to meet her. Beauty is a gift that no one can refuse, even if it could cost one the whole world. This is extremely contrary to her elder sister Katherine. No one loves Katherine. She is seen to be an obstacle towards Bianca’s well being. People plot to discriminate against her through false seduction. All these are meant to clear the way for Bianca’s suitors. This is a high level manifestation of selfishness. People are willing to go all the way just to get what they want. According to the rules in both cases, Bianca’s father has put more restrictions. The elder must be the first to be involved with a man before the younger does so. This forces the interested suitors for Bianca to look on a way forward.

In the ten things I hate about you, Kat does not earn favor with her school mates as well as in taming the shrew. Katherine does not get the suitors whom her father desires for her. Therefore making both the sceneries not accepted in the current life style. For there is democracy, people have to marry or get engaged with the person they love rather than the one whom their parents think are worthy for them. The existence of love is what makes the main foundation that can brings the two people to be in touch.

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Even though, taming the shrew and 10 things I hate about you are more or less the same, they too have got differences. These are based on what is accepted in the society and the actual reason why a character acts the way they do. The tamer in the play and the movie tame in different ways. Disrespectful and meanness are some of the character traits that Petruccio has. He makes Katherine in the play to starve as a result of his failure to perform her duty of providing for the family. She undergoes sleepless nights due to the struggle in their house. Petruccio is always keen at whatever Katherine says in order to find faults so that he may speak of it, just in case she does. This makes her to be depressed due to less freedom of speech due to criticism from her husband. This is contrary to Patrick’s in the film. He always attempts to be courteous and accrues love with her. He tries so hard to be a man accepted by the society. Despite all the methods working, but for petruccio’s, it will be considered as torture and inhuman in today’s life style. Therefore the two scenarios are based on time base line (the modernity.)

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Based on marriage as a theme, it is accepted in taming the shrew whereas, dating is the term used in one of the 10 things I hate about. They end up dating rather than getting married because of their under age. According to the current society setup, they are excessively younger to be married. There for marriage is an abomination in this society. Composers of the play and the film also have illustrated their differences. In taming the shrew, husbands are guaranteed the ownership of wives; they are slaves to their husbands. They have to do everything they are commanded to. This has made Katherine to humbly submit to her husband to allow room for her sister Bianca to marry a suitor of her choice as demanded by the tradition. She for the real sense does this for the sake of her sister while not interested. Ten things I hate about you is contrary to taming the shrew. The use of TOTS, a current way of communication which means a girl should behave properly. Men are attracted to a lady in regards to her behaviors. The better you behavior, the more you do attract and they too are attracted to you. For charity begins at home. A good man for a well behaved lady and vice versa. It is the same with the bad behavioral ladies who ends up with any man that comes their way. Making them to be submissive to whatever environment they are exposed to.

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The differences in impersonations, happens in two dissimilar time lines. For Katherine, she is a wealth young lady as a result her father’s wealth which she has inherited. Kat is a teenager lady, growing up as educated lady in high school. Another difference is, Kat described about her man, Patrick, both the positive-what she loved in Patrick- and negative traits of him in form of a poem where as Katherine came’s to realize of her purposely married to symbolize a bet, resulting to her starvation.

At the end of the scenes, Kat realized how much Patrick; with all his heart loves her while Katherine remains submissive and obedient as we found her in the beginning. She allows her husband to control her. She can’t defend herself to things that she seems to have right to. She allow herself to be tamed, she comply with all that she is told. In taming the shrew and ten things I hate about you, men tend to have more power than ladies do have. They are in the authority. Whatever they say is final to compromising of their commands. Men are disrespectful to their wives, they end up taming the shrews them like beasts. As a conclusion, the authors’ wrote their books basing most of their idead to be similar but expressed in different ways. So as to demonstrate the difference between the old and the current culture that was practiced in two different environments. Also to impact the knowledge to readers in to know what is recommended especially in this life of dating and marriage of the young couples.


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