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Free «Framework for Counterterrorism» Essay Sample

The U.S. department of homeland security has remained committed to ensure they counter terrorism attacks all over the world. They are able to do this by using federal, international, local, and state partners. However, there is a need for the department to transform by changing their tactics, so that they can manage to deal with the threats posed by terrorists. Lessons that they have learnt through formal training and experience need to be leveraged so that they can aid promotion of streamlined operations to combat terrorism at the same time counter knowledge management that is not efficient. This research analyzes deficits that are in department of homeland security that require recommendation, so that they can counter terrorism adequately.

Framework for Counterterrorism

Counterterrorism is not a responsibility of homeland security department only; they have to work with other agencies to come up with a solution to this problem. There are a number of tools that the department of homeland security can use as a resource of combating this problem.



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One important part of dealing with the terrorism problem is by identifying conditions that are conducive to terrorists’ attacks. The U.S. should enter into an agreement with other countries so that they can fight terrorism together (Davis et al., 2010). This is because even if they manage counterterrorism on their own, they will not be guaranteed that the attacks will not be planned from other countries. Countries should come up with a universal agreement that will ensure that nations do not create conducive conditions for terrorists (Morral et al., 2009). Nations should use United Nations as a tool to bring nations together into signing the agreement. With the specialized agencies and offices of UN all over the world, nations will be able to ensure that there are no terrorists in their countries. UN offices, located all over the world, can play as agents of homeland security to ensure that nations meet the requirements of ensuring there are no terrorists in their countries.

Another way for the U.S. to counterterrorism is by creating measures that are practical enough to ensure that terrorists are restricted from interfering with peace. This can only be done by making sure they are denied finances and weapons as well as freedom to move from one country to another. To achieve this, they can use the Security Council that can issue ratification to other nations to ensure that possible terrorists do not receive any financing from the government. They can use the recently concluded convection for suppression of nuclear terrorism. The convention aims at ensuring that terrorists do not acquire nuclear weapon.

An act should be prepared that will have a laid out strategy to counterterrorism (Commission of the European Communities, 2004). The law should aim at preventing the citizens from turning into terrorists. It should also aim at protecting citizens as well as infrastructure from terrorists’ attacks. The third strategy that should be in the law is pursuing terrorists by ensuring they have no means to communicate, travel or finances. The forth important strategy is to ensure that in case of an attack the citizens will be in safe hands since the government will respond fast to rescue them. The homeland security department can work with External Border Agency to make this strategies be successful, since there is a need for other countries to collaborate to work together in counterterrorism.

The police department is vital part of ensuring there is security in the country and, therefore, it is vital that they are part of counterterrorism framework (Crelinsten, 2009). There should be a unit that deals with counterterrorism that investigates possible terrorists in different areas. There should also be an agency that coordinates different counterterrorism units to ensure they work towards the same direction of curbing terrorism. The Counterterrorism Unit should present yearly reports on how they are working towards ensuring safety of the citizens. Police department gets to catch criminals’ every day, and most of them are the highly possible people to be turned into terrorists. This makes them the best tool for homeland in its quest for preventing terrorism in the U.S. Police department should have regular training on how to deal with suspicious terrorists.

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Legislation on counterterrorism is also an important part of effective way of dealing with terrorism. The legislation should define elaborately what terrorism is, so that the police can know what to arrest people for in case their actions are not very elaborate (Sparks et al., 2006). This is because a person may be not an active terrorist but is preaching to hate people of a certain race. In such cases, the legislation can help define whether such acts are considered to be terrorism. There should also be difference between terrorism and other normal crimes. This is because the weight of being accused of being a terrorist is bigger compared to other crimes. The legislation should be prepared in such a way that the language used is specific to avoid bad use of the law. This is vital because the consequences are weighty and, therefore, people who are not terrorists should be protected from appearing as if they are according to the law. It is important that the suspects are protected from being convicted wrongly due to the capacity of the crime. The justice system should be careful to ensure that no person is convicted without enough evidence from homeland security department.

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The last strategy that homeland security should implement is addressing the factors that lead to terrorism. Understanding the reasons behind recruitment of terrorists and practicing extreme religion goes a long way in dealing with this problem (Sparks et al., 2006). A commission should be appointed to specifically deal with this issue so that they can be in a better place to tell when terrorist attacks are likely to happen. This would help ensure that security measures are tightened to avoid putting the world at danger. The other reason why they should know their motive is so that they can avoid provoking them since most of the actions they react to can be avoided for the bigger good. However, no person should be discriminated or arrested just because he or she belongs to a certain race or religion.  Homeland security department should ensure that their actions are based only on evidence of terrorism crime.  After 9/11 people from certain countries were treated with caution and went through massive harassment; this led to violation of human rights. This is not the right way to deal with this problem and homeland security should ensure that all human beings are treated equally unless they seem suspicious.

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In conclusion, terrorism has remained America’s nightmare and after 9/11. There were different counterterrorism frameworks that were put into place. These frameworks have, however, proven not adequate and that is the reason I recommend this framework. It is important that the U.S. works together with other nations in keeping the world a safer place. Innocent people should not die as a result of mistakes, made by their countrymen. The Iraq war has led to many deaths of not only innocent Iranians but also members of U.S. army. It is time to try a new way to deal with this problem other than war. The main objective of homeland security should be peace at all costs and they should engage other countries to ensure they coexist peacefully. 


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