Free «American teen and Capturing Reality» Essay Sample

In comparing the two movies, the American teen, the general topic or the title of the movies reflects the teen age people.  They are senior high school students. The second movie entitled, Capturing Reality shows that there is real subject matter that the movie is trying reflect.  Capturing reality shows that there are real situations that do occur which is being reflected in the movie.  These are the reality of life at the secondary school level.  In this aspect, from their titles, the two movies can be said to be similar in their first impression to the audience. In both cases, there is reflection of the reality of life that must be faced at a particular age.

The settings of the movies are different. For example, capturing Reality gives details based on perspective of Canada while the American teen reflects on the American upper class senior students. These are two different countries that define the position or origin of the movies.

The third comparison is on the level of their reality. Capturing reality does not reflect the best reality on the ethical issues while The American Teen presents reality more ethically. For instance, the kind of the presentation and the impression created by the presenters in the Capturing reality is not much accurate as expected. On the other hand, the issues captured in the American teen are factual information that brings out clearly the ethical aspect of the movie. This is one of their differences. For instance, the teens in the high school are reflecting the real life situation experienced in the late schooling periods and anybody watching the American teen will be more excited to note some of the past events in life that he or she used to experience.

Capturing reality is a reflective story on many authors of documentaries produced based on the reality they encountered in life. This is more interesting because the whole story is inspiring. However, American teen is based only on one particular setting which is the high school and the events in the school life. This makes the movies to be having divergent views on life. Capturing reality shows an adult life experiences while the American teens reflect the high school life experience. Capturing reality reflects educative aspects of life while American teens reflect transitional life from the senior high school level to an adult life. At the transitional level, there are many challenges that come on the way that the youth faces.

The major themes are also different. The two movies as seen have got different theme. The major theme presented in the American teen is the theme of love. For instance, the high school teens are having relationships with one another and the king of life that they experience are temporary kind of. It is about peer influence and life experimentations. For instance, Jake, a character in the American teen struggles to brake out in order to find love. This is one example among other love expectations in this movie. However, the theme of love is not expressed in the Capturing reality documentations.

American teen shows the youthful life while in the Capturing reality shows the adult life. This are reflected in the movies. In addition, the American teen is reflecting the king of life which is full of uncertainty and optimism as the youths are in the stage of identifying their careers. 


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