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Free «Contemporary World History» Essay Sample

Socialist regime refers to a period whereby state organizes and produces goods and services and can own or redistributes goods among her people. In the socialism regime individuals are allowed to sell goods directly to consumers, public services are available and funded by the tax payer’s money; government provides services like health care and education have social welfare to help unemployed. However, in socialist citizens are normally taxed heavily, business people follow strict laws. We have some notable example socialist which include; Marxism. On the other hand, capitalist regime or free market economy is a period whereby the individual are given the mandate to own and control resources(Duike, 2009).

Advantages of free market economy include the following; individuals have the right to own property and dispose off natural resources, as well as manmade. Private property also provides the owner with the right to income generated from the resources e.g. interest, rent and profit.



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Individuals are free to buy or hire economic resources, organize them for production and lease and sell them in the market of their choice.

Also, capitalism is based on the principle that individuals are free to act as they wish and thus, firms aim at maximizing their profits, owners of land aims at achieving maximum rent and workers aim at gaining highest rewards.

The negative aspects of capitalism include; the obstacles or conditions to entry exploit buyers because they are charged more for substandard goods.

The market mechanism also fails to take into consideration the equitable allocation of resources to produce public goods. The market mechanism also leads to trade cycle phenomenon.

On the other hand, socialism has several benefits, which include; shifting of resources in pursuit of grand schemes such as, rapid industrialization. The mechanism also ensures that public and social goods are adequately provided.

The negative aspects of socialism ideology include; it results to wastages because it is hard to change individual demand prior without notice. Also, the costs associated with gathering key information are extremely high.

  1. Gender issues have been of a concern to the people in society for a long time. First, gender roles, where men and women are given a different task to perform. For instance, women are in most cases given roles that deal with matters of the kitchen and child rearing. Second, definition of gender has brought out many issues because it is defined basing on natural sex. Lastly, employment has been a gender issue for a long time; this is seen places where employers prefer a certain sex basing on ideologies that are held in society for instance men are preferred to work in factories (Duike 2009).
  2. This was done by Alexander II in 1861 in order to change the living standard of the infant people in the society. They were tied in a given land in that they were not allowed to move freely. This hard appreciable effect as the industrial production of Russia went down drastically and finally they lost in the war against their bitter rivalry France.
  3. NATO and Warsaw pact was mutually a defensive grouping and a tool that USA and USSR respectively used for needs and benefits. Warsaw was formed as a friendship and mutually assistance treaty to protect the eastern countries. On the other hand, NATO was formed to protect the western countries.
  4. Space Race was the scramble between the Soviet Union and the USA for exploration. First with the high tension among the two parties it lead to the rise of the Cold War, where propaganda spread through the equipment developed. Second, the formation of artificial satellite, for instance the Sputnik was formed by USSR to orbit around the earth for military and economic benefits. Third, Human being in space, Cosmonaut Yuri a Russian was the first man to enter the orbit. He is still celebrated in Russia and other countries across the world.
  5. Mutually Assured Distribution (MAD) was a crucial part in restoring stability while the Soviet came up with the atomic weapon USA developed the hydrogen bomb. This act instilled fear among the leaders who knew that a small fire arm could lead to deadly war that could claim the life of many innocent people, and at the time there was a concern on human rights.
  6. Proxy war is the one uses the third part in fighting the opponents. In Korea, China and Soviet Union supplied the power and aide to fight United Nations that were led by the US. On the other hand, in Vietnam, China and Soviet Union offered to train the North Vietnam and Vietcong, and then they fought the war using their proxies.
  7. Mikhali S. the secretary general of the Soviet Union come out with Perestroika which means, restructuring and glasnost that means openness. These brought out certain changes in economic and international relationship, and within five years he brought down the communist from power hence end to the cold war.
  8. The Soviet Union was in a long relation with the Afghanistan. However, with invasion Iran and other neighboring states to Afghanistan, the Soviet Union felt the pressure of losing this territory to the US who coming in with all forces.
  9. Brezhnev Doctrine was announced in 1956 to justify the inversion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union. This was meant to end the democratic upraising and enhance their security while Truman Doctrine was stated by the US president, to support Turkey and Greece economically.
  10. Globalization is international integration that comes out due to exchange of ideas, it brought about exchange of new ideas hence innovation and invention, and, however, it comes out with vices such as corruption. On the other hand, Colonialism is the acquisition and maintenance of a given territory that belonged to another party at first without his ascent while corporate colonialism is the acquisition of one’s land property in order to develop having consent (Duike, 2009).

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Globalization is where the world is brought into a small village by use of the machine and space exploration. It also leads to exchange of ideas hence invention and innovation. However, it encourages negative behaviors such as homosexual lesbians; it has lead to the wide spread of HIV/AIDs in the world.


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