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However, there are some emerging environmental and economic concerns that need to be addressed urgently. Global warming is one of the issues that have received a worldwide consideration as far as gasoline usage is concerned. The price of gasoline is also on the rise and some vehicles have to be removed out of the road due to the prevailing economic challenges. In order to address these concerns, an alternative has to be sought. The best alternative that can adequately address these emerging challenges is the introduction of electric car. Electric car will not only reduce environmental pollution but will also help in providing the users with cheap energy sources.

The debate of having environmentally friendly cars has been on for several decades. The innovation of such cars has faced several challenges that have jeopardized its advancement. However, there are some vehicle manufacturing companies that have devised several mechanisms to mitigate the prevailing problem. General Motors for instance has been manufacturing vehicles capable of combining gasoline and electric motor for driving. Such cars can also move on electric motors only once they have been well charged (Moore, 1999). This provided a breakthrough in the realization of pollution free environment. There are some new advanced diesel engines being produced by the company which are capable of burning fuel more cleanly and at the same time can use low sulfur fuel to run their engines.

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General Motors through their brand name Chevrolet has been able to produce a car capable of integrating with the modern technologies and at the same time ensuring a pollution free environment. There are several improvements that have taken place in the automobile sector and still more improvements are expected. It is estimated that automobile manufacturing companies manufacture new sets of improved vehicles every three to five years. This is attributed to the dynamic nature of technology. Even though some people may be technophobia hence oppose upgrading to their vehicles, with time they come to appreciate technology and embrace it. Everybody wants a good thing, therefore upgrades are essential and they will always try to catch up with technology.

Technology has made it possible to produce more powerful cars with improved efficiency in terms of fuel usage and operation. The new combustion engines being manufactured are also capable of economizing the gasoline and ensuring that the gasoline is completely burnt. This helps in reducing environmental pollution which usually comes from the automobiles’ engines. As technology advances in other fields, so does technology in the automobile industry. Therefore it is no surprise that modern cars incorporate a sophisticated computer system in their design and operation.

The electric and other gasoline efficient cars however, cost relatively more than their counterparts with lesser efficiency. Even though they are more expensive, the costs add up since they help in saving the environment which has no monetary equivalent. Apart from saving the environment, their costs of maintenance is also considerably low. This makes them a better alternative.

In order to come up with a memorable invention, Americans are convinced that it goes beyond having the urge to make the invention. The inventor has to be ready to make sacrifices and compromises in order to realize the success of a new invention. The end of the Second World War and the First Man on the Moon were all propagated by hardworking technologists who were ready to spend any dime along their way with the main intention of realizing the success of their projects. The technicians at General Motors are still working tirelessly to ensure that cheaper electric vehicles are produced capable of serving the middle class earners. Once they get a breakthrough it will represent one of the greatest feats of the 21st century (Gellene, 2008).


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