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Free «The role of the black women in the abolition movement» Essay Sample

The abolition movement was a historic movement whose main goal was to end the slave trade, liberate the slaves and end racial discrimination. Both white and black women, free and slaves were of significant contribution to the movement. Desire for freedom and racial and sexual equality was a motivation for the participation of the black women in the movement. The black women participate in the abolition movement as rebellious slaves or as activists against slavery (Hine, Hine & Harrold, 2011).

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The societies then, like the American Anti-Slavery Society, founded in 1833 were male dominated and did not approve the women’s effort. The women had to form their own separate groups to hold national conventions. They raised money for cause by sponsoring fund raising events such as picnics and bazaars despite the insults and physical threats they faced (Hine, Hine & Harrold, 2011).

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The free Black women organized petitions and spoke against slavery quoting biblical passages. Active public speakers included Maria Miller and Sojourner Truth. Sojourner based her arguments on religious grounds (Hine, Hine & Harrold, 2011).

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To free the slaves, the black women organized female antislavery societies. They also staged protests and boycotts in support of the immediate liberation of the slaves. Harriet Tubman helped slaves escape to freedom. After the freeing of the slaves, women like Sarah Mapps Started rehabilitations and help the freed slaves. She also challenged racial segregation and started schools for African Americans (Hine, Hine & Harrold, 2011).

The black slave women withdrew their labor and participated in the revolts just as the male slaves did. They were also notorious in poisoning their masters. The black women attempted to stop sexual assaults from white men, despite the consequence, which was a beating or public whipping. Sometimes black women took extreme measures and killed their children so that these children would not live as slaves (Hine, Hine & Harrold, 2011).


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