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Sleep is very vital for a person’s health and wellbeing.  However, millions of people across the globe do not get enough sleep and this caused deterioration in their health. According to a report released by Parthasarathy (2005), “Sleep and the medical profession,” there are about 4o million Americans suffering from different types of sleep disorders. Most of these people are however undiagnosed hence go without any proper treatment. Lack of sleep may have disastrous outcomes especially for people working in critical areas that require utmost accuracy. The foundation also established that lack of sleep among resident physicians is one of the major causes of errors during their work.

According to the article, sleep loss among resident physicians causes fatigue, inaccuracy and the physicians often show some signs of withdrawal and lack of momentum while discharging their duties. In order to curb this problem, the article proposes some measure that if properly implemented can help in averting the situation. The article proposes a change in work attitude of the resident physicians and a reduction in working hours for the physicians.

The resident physicians always find it better working fewer hours but in most cases patient care facilities do not provide this provision. However, in some cases, the resident physicians attempt to work more so that they can be able to increase on their income. A decrease in sleep loss is aimed at having a positive effect on patient care as it greatly reduces medical errors since the physicians are always alert during their working hours. Even though proposals have been made regarding the way sleep loss can be averted, it is not being implemented by the physicians due to a number of obstacles in the implementation. 


There are many problems and errors that occur in the medical field which can be easily controlled. The article has established that some of the errors are avoidable since they are caused by inaccuracy among the resident physicians. Therefore it should be the responsibility of every resident physician to ensure that sleep loss is minimized if the errors are to be reduced.


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