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Corrective actions refer to those actions that should take place to avoid the recurrence of similar accidents (Oakley, 2003). This can involve task redesigns, equipment changes, procedure or policy changes, and engineering redesigns, among others. Accident investigation helps in gathering evidence, determining and analyzing the sequence of an accident, discovering the causal factors, and identifying the appropriate corrective actions (Oakley, 2003). Identification of appropriate corrective actions will prevent the occurrence of similar accidents in the future only after implementation. However, some organizations may implement appropriate actions, but fail to follow them regularly. Such organizations have a high likelihood of experiencing similar incidents in the future. This discussion considers the reason why identification of corrective actions is not the end of accident investigation.

It is not advisable to conduct a thorough accident investigation, determine causal factors, and identify appropriate corrective actions, but fail to carry out the corrective actions or implement them at a slow rate. Recurrence of similar accidents is possible when the accident investigation exercise ends after the identification and development of corrective actions (Reese, 2001). Implementation of corrective actions is the next step that is extremely vital. Tracking of the corrective actions upon implementation is another step, which will enable an organization to ensure that people follow the corrective actions consistently. Implementing and acting on the corrective actions must take place for an organization to ensure that similar accidents will not recur (Salmon, 2011).

In conclusion, it is evident that implementing appropriate corrective actions and complying with the corrective actions must take place. Investigators should base the development of the corrective actions on the accident’s causal factors and track the corrective actions until completion (Oakley, 2003). The organizations should ensure that the implemented corrective actions are working correctly and consistently. Therefore, it is not advisable to file away an accident investigation just after the identification of the corrective actions, but implementation and follow up should also take place.


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