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This paper is aimed at trying to answer the questions: what is transnationalism? Is it vital? Does it truly unite the world or is it a concept to expand the market for entrepreneurs? The answers to these questions cannot be clear unless one understands the concept of the term transnationalism.

Transnationalism refers to the trans-border relationships between two parties who want to achieve the same goal for all parties involved. (Genest 150) Transnationalism is involved in the big picture of globalization, which aims at having relations among all countries. Globalization is a process that strives to make the planet almost unified economically, a phenomenon that is also referred to as the global market.

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The most compelling criticism against this concept is that multinational corporations from economically powerful countries set up their factories and industries in the third world nations. Although their prospect in a certain country seems promising to the locals, the companies appear to benefit more than the customers. The companies are favored by the government of the developing countries as they experience reduced labor costs and the proximity of raw materials among other benefits. However, because of their large revenue and the accompanying taxation, the corporations do not observe the labor laws or the environmental obligations among other laws. Such unethical behavior may go unmonitored leading to the host country actually losing more than it is benefiting. (Genest 130)

The other criticism is that when a country embraces transnationalism, it is eventually going to accept dual citizenship. Acquiring this through the proper channels is hectic and sometimes expensive in terms of time. Many people enter the country through illegal channels; they are referred to as immigrants who are in search of a better life. This immigration may pose a risk to the citizens of the host country. For example, in the United States the crime rate has increased since the immigrants’ number had raised (Genest 126).

Moreover, a host country must accommodate consular offices of other nations on its home soil. The consulates act as representatives of the guest countries. In case the host country is a developing country, most of its political decisions will be influenced greatly by the developed countries. Thus, the host countries are dependent on a healthy relationship with the developed ones. This fact disables the host countries to make policies favoring the developed countries rather than them in the long run.


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