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Automobile is the most common mode of transport since its inception in the late 19th century. The efficiency of automobile has brought joy to the lives of people in towns and also those in rural areas. For those who do not own vehicles, the use of buses, bicycles, and motorcycles is also beneficial. Advancement in the transport industry has led to improved performance of cars and improved quality of roads; the latter are to accommodate the large numbers of cars. Cars are manufactured and bought all over the world in large numbers; this is evident because of the traffic jams witnessed in all countries. The traffic jams are unavoidable at certain times of the day especially the rush hours that is at dawn and at dusk. With the pace that people work every day in their offices, the frustrations on the road back home become a melting point of emotions from all motorists. This behavior is caused by the variety of factors, for example, environmental, intrusive, and sometimes territorial responses from both participants.



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This research proposal will center on road rage, its causes, and the statistics proving that road rage should be considered important to host countries. I will also look at ways through which the road rage can be minimized and its effects subdued to avoid fatal injuries or even death on the roads.      

Problem Statement

Cars are some of the daily gadgets that man cannot live without especially if one lives in a busy city, for example, New York. One has to use a car in the form of a personal vehicle, a taxi or a bus for them to reach work or return back home. The reason why the paper concentrates on road rage despite its random occurrence on our roads is the inconvenience it causes to the natural flow of life of the other motorists. It can be viewed under the same lens as anger in the normal social situation, but, in this case, vehicles and roads are the cause. When traffic congestion occurs on a major road, the numbers of man hours lost by each individual on that road cost the state and the country as a whole. If the traffic could flow seamlessly, people could arrive at their jobs earlier and automatically improve their productivity and those of their companies. The most common pretext of late employees in cities is traffic congestion which, if analyzed, was caused by a form of road rage.  If road rage could be eliminated, then hospitals, public offices, companies and other important businesses would be opened early improving their efficiency.


The purpose of this research proposal is to study the phenomenon of road rage, its causes, and its various forms. It also considers statistics of motorists in major cities that have experienced road rage from fellow motorists. Also, road rage causes accidents on our roads; this makes it an important area of research. What percentage of the total accidents is road rage responsible? Are the culprits of road rage apprehended? Should they be considered as potential hazards on our roads?

The research paper will analyze the following areas:

i)     Determining the cause of road rage on highways

ii)    The forms through which road rage is expressed

iii) Statistics on the occurrence and effects of road rage on our roads


From the information gathered during the preparation of this paper, three hypotheses can be derived to explain the causes of road rage on our roads. The first one is based on environmental factors which are uncontrollable from the human perspective and are poorly managed by the road users. The motorists are forewarned by radio stations each morning on what to expect on the roads, but they are ill-prepared. Their vehicles might lack proper maintenance and parts such as tail and front lights or have ill conditioned wipers.

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The other cause is intrusive responses from the motorists; this is a result of revenge responses from the victim of a road rage. The victim responds in anger and is bound to inflict the same damage caused to him by the offender.

Finally, the theory of territorial defensiveness protects the private space of a driver, in this case, the car from careless drivers. The last two are closely related but the motives behind them are different.  

Statistics from June 2012 undertaken in the UK from 3950 motorists displays the spread of road rage. More than two thirds of the group admit to being a victim of road rage in the past 12 months. The top irritators for their actions include: tailgating, failure to indicate, and catching other motorists on mobile phones. Some models of vehicles were responsible for inciting road rage; for example, BMW drivers caused 47% of the incidents. It was observed that most of the road rage cases occurred in urban roads, and few cases were reported in rural roads.

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Definition of Key Terms

Road rage - describes the aggressive behavior displayed by motorists towards other motorists. The behavior is a result of anger based on the irresponsible actions of other motorists. This can lead to assaults, altercations, and even collisions causing injuries and sometimes death.

Intrusive responses – describes actions of retaliation by one motorist to another because of the latter’s irresponsible driving.

Territorial defensiveness – describes the actions undertaken by a motorist in response to invasions of privacy, in our case, his car by another motorist.

This conclusive study on road rage will prove valuable to people trying to grasp road dynamics. The research will help traffic police in trying to understand what happens on the roads and how to calm the motorists. The research might also be important to car manufacturers while considering the equipment they install in their models. The brightness of the lights are important especially under unfavorable weather conditions, indicator lights should also be checked. The proper installation of these devices can make a lot of difference in some life-death scenarios.

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It will prove vital to driving schools. The handling of different driving incidents should be crucial. The students should also be vigorously taught on first aid techniques in the preparation to the worst case scenarios.

The document is dynamic in its usefulness; it will be applied in many areas and run help in solving the menace caused by road rage.


The undertaken research is reliable only cities and major towns which experience a lot of traffic. Towns located not on the national highways grids of their individual countries might disregard the importance of such research.

The research is based on the developed countries, in our case (), and neglects similar situations in the developing countries. The developing countries also experience these incidents but are forgotten in the statistics of the developing countries. Their statistics might be low or a lot higher than that of the developed ones.

Finally, the research concentrates on the cars and other motorists; bicycles and motorcycles are overlooked. This leads to incorrect overall statistics meaning that the research will be disregarded by countries with many motorcyclists like India.


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