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The book Mortal immortal is a short story written by Mary Shelley in 1933. The book tells of a story of a man who became immortal, which seems to be favoring him at the first place. This immortality promised the man eternal tranquility, but in the end, it becomes a torturous existence to Him. The central character becomes immortal too after consuming an elixir, which belonged to his tutor who was a philosopher. The son of the protagonist dies together with his love Bertha leading to the gradual deterioration of his health. Additionally, the mental capacity of the protagonist also came into question; at the start of the narration, he claims that three hundred years have passed after consuming the elixir.

Later the man visits the philosopher who once again gave him the elixir in order to become immortal. Soon afterwards, the man became sane and he recovered his love, changing is life and that of his wife who become as young as his son does. The protagonist is a young apprentice who was working with a mad scientist bent in creating immortality portion. I sympathized with him, as he was naive and decided to take the portion, which brought woes into his life. The setting of the book is science fiction, which portrays the scientist as a sorcerer who brewed magic portion as a research scientist inventing new medicines. The category of the story is the Hard Science Fiction, which tells of a story featuring believable scientists.

Notably, if the scientific elements are both crucial to the story and conceivable, given today's technology, it is hard science fiction. The theme of the book is the Self-Knowledge, which emphasized the ability of the researcher to know the portion of immortality. According to Masri, Science fiction is a genre of fiction in which the stories often tell about science and technology of the upcoming days. Notably, the science fiction has a correlation with the principles of science. Interestingly, the origin of the portion for immortality is unknown, but the mad scientist claims it is from his research.


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