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There is a disparity in compensation paid to workers of the company, which is unfounded and unfair. The payment inconsistency deserves condemnation. If I were Allen, I would file a court case in order to fight for equality and fairness in the company. Discrepancy in pay reduces employees’ morale and as a result, influences the total operation of the firm. In this case, a screw-up receives a higher pay than what other employees get. It is difficult to understand why adjustments are made notwithstanding experience and contribution.

The situation is not strange because many companies have only a shallow idea about appropriate compensation. Essentially, many firms do not have a compensation structure and those models which are used are often unbalanced. It is difficult to cure unbalanced compensation structures because in this case, remuneration is enveloped in the concept of the worker’s personal worth.

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The higher the capacity for contributing, the higher the compensation one will get. In other words, the role commands compensation and not merely the person.  The education background and experience are the other ways of measuring compensation. Notably, compensation based on the role is more effective than compensation grounded on time spent at the workplace. This approach ensures that employees are productive and hardworking and helps avoid laziness in the workplace.

The careless handling of company confidential information attracts reproach since it is the direct responsibility of certain workers to ensure safe custody of such data. The employees who carelessly handle company materials need reprimand to avoid further recurrences. However, I will enlighten Ms. Allen on the company policies concerning compensation modalities. She requires explanation about compensation to avoid lowering employees’ morale and going on strike. The basis for compensation in the firm is in line with the time spent and value of the employee. These two factors form the metric. The second of them means that compensation in the firm is paid according to one’s contribution.


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