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Alex Goodwin wrote the article “Cultural conflicts between Native Americans and Colonists” in March 26, 2010. The article is in the category of history written to the Socyberty Company. The company receives online articles dealing with diverse topics from prominent writers globally. These articles are then availed on the Internet for interested learners and researchers. The article “Cultural conflicts between Native Americans and Colonists” discusses the cultural differences between the Native Americans and the European colonists leading to wars in the eighteenth century (Goodwin, 2010). The article may be biased because it portrays Native Americans as having no achievements whatsoever and that they were failures both in wars and culture. The author also refers them as weak whereas Europeans are depicted as victors. He shows that no significant resistant made by the natives.

The article explains how diversity in culture between the European settlers and the Native Americans brought about disagreement and wars. It further identifies European settlers as the winners over the weak Native Americans (Goodwin, 2010), which is clearly shown in the last paragraph of the article. The article explains why the Native Americans were defeated when it mentions about their weak weapons and large number of European army. It also identifies the exact cultural areas, which led to disagreement and gives reliable explanation. For instance, wide explanation is given on hunting, wildlife use, and land ownership issues. It later identifies who won the war and why. Other factors cited by the author include technology, self- esteemed beliefs resulting from political, and religion, which made the Europeans settlers win the war (Goodwin, 2010).

The main cultural difference is the fact that the Native Americans were hunters. They faced much opposition from other tribes living even before the European settlers arrived in their land. It appears they had no interest in farming. They even believed when land is sold, the ownership is not permanently transferred to the buyer. The Europeans on the other hand are interested with large pieces of land and full ownership evidenced by immediate fencing upon acquiring a new land. In addition, farming is a major source livelihood, and they are convinced that if one is not farming, he does not need land. Because land had to be cleared for farming, hunting grounds were reduced.

According to the European law, English settlers had rights to own any land they settled (Cowan, 2005). Therefore, this meant there was no need for negotiations with the Native Americans, which they saw as an injustice on their soil. Native Americans had lived in this land for long and therefore, they could not consider running away from it. They had mustered the terrain and major animal hideouts; therefore, the only option was war. They signed the land controversial treaties, which each side understood according to its culture. Such struggle led to wars, in which according to the author, the Native Americans were defeated.


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