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Free «Naturopathic Medicine» Essay Sample

Naturopathic Medicine

It is a form of treatment using traditional medicine. Naturopaths are well trained, especially in lifestyle medicine and can work in medical clinics. They use preventive measures and can help reduce chronic diseases. They have treated life witnesses and need to be licensed. Naturopath

It is a form of treatment specializing in treating the cause of the disease. It focuses on establishing the cause, but not the symptoms. Drugs suppress disease, but do not treat. It emphasizes on eating of fresh and not packaged food. Treatment is meant to restore the health of people by targeting the core cause.

Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine treats the entire person. Unlike modern medicine, which focuses on physical status, holistic medicine focuses on body, mind, and spirit. It looks into the root cause of the diseases. Modern medicine and holistic medicine should work together. It involves massage, counseling, and nutrition among others.

Philosophy toward Wellness and Health

Empower and inspire yourself. Sickness is caused by spiritual instability and treatment should focus on the origin of the disease not symptom. It is difficult to solve all challenges that come your way. Live your life to its fullest. We must believe more in our spiritual wellbeing rather than physical experiences.



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Cultural Dimensions

The Eastern is different from the western cultures; they believe that health is a balance between the supernatural, physical, and social factors. The Chinese medicine applies the principle of ying yang to heal diseases. It uses food and medicine to restore health.

Beliefs and healing the Body

This involves faith in healing. Psychic surgery is effective when the disease is caused by psychological factors. The belief is that diseases follow a process of purification.

Healing vs. Curing

Healing refers to illness, which involves personal and emotional part. Curing is for sickness. An illness causes more pain than a sickness. Each has spiritual power that can heal. All we need is to discover them.


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