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Cultural events offer people opportunities to diversify their knowledge and experience more than could be learnt in school or by reading books and magazines. People who are usually interested in understanding historical occurrences and events visit museums during their free time to explore some of the ancient artistic and architectural works. Individuals who attend cultural places with exhibitions such as museums learn much than those who simply read newspapers or books. These events offer the opportunity of experience and comprehension the history of the past times. Museums usually house plenty of exhibitions ranging from ancient to present information. People who visit them get a wealth of experience (Kun-liang, 2010).

To fulfill the partial requirement of my course about cultural events, I visited Tennessee State Museum situated in Nashville. It is one of the largest museums in the country. My visit was on Wednesday 30th May, 2012. My course mates accompanied me to the museum. Some of them had never visited it before. On arrival, the first impression was quite amazing, and we were pleased by its wonderful paintings and various artistic designs beginning from the main gate. We had no idea where to begin our excursion. One of the staff members approached us and directed to an office, where we were issued with pamphlets to guide us. We noticed that the museum was usually free for public programs, which are offered from Tuesday to Friday. We were directed to some of the outstanding artifacts by famous Tennessean Andrew Jackson. We also had some civics lessons in the Tennessee State Capitol building.

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In the museum, I identified various eye catching pieces of art, textiles crafts and many exhibitions from 15000 years ago by various prehistoric people as well as a number of unique displays of furniture and paintings. Some of the artifacts I found quite interesting to me, and I would do anything to ensure that they remain in the museum for other people to see the enormous dinosaur bones and the brad sells wood carvings (Rasool, 2009). I had heard before that the dinosaur was the largest animal ever but had gone under extinction. In school, we had seen its pictures in various books and, therefore, looking at its bones in the museum was fantastic. Although I may never see one alive, I could picture out the size and greatness of that animal.

The brad sells wood carvings were wonderful, and I found it funny how ancient people could reason that much and make such beautiful images. Taking into consideration that the level of their education was poor, and there was no technology at all. I could picture out that most of the present artistic designs and furniture are usually made based on those ancient arts. The brad carvings were so magnificent that I wished they were displayed for selling, and I could purchase them. The manner in which they were carved manifested that ancient people were quite brave. I could not stop imagining the tools they had used to carve them. I could wish that both the brad carvings and the dinosaur bones could be kept in the museum longer to offer the future generation an opportunity to see the remains of the ever largest animal and borrow artistic designs from those old carvings as the brad sells wood carvings (Chapman, 2009).

The event was unbelievable. I wish to visit the Tennessee museum more and more in the future. I met hundreds of people, who had also come to visit the museum. I gained a lot of experience and learnt much about the works of the ancient people. The museum contained both present and ancient items, masterpieces of art. I realized that people can get useful experience and lots of innovative skills by attending cultural events such as visiting museums.


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