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In the recent past, number of gay marriages has been on the increase. In the US, for instance, most of the states allow the same-sex marriage today. Most of the state constitutions have given the rights for the same-sex couples to marry and create a family. There have been debates on whether gay marriage should be legalized or not. Some people think that there is no problem with people engaging in the same-sex marriage, while others uphold the idea that gay marriage is immoral and goes against religious beliefs; thus, it should not be tolerated. In California, for example, a court order is said to have lifted a ban that had been imposed on the same-sex marriage. The reason behind the decision was that the constitution allows gays and lesbians to marry in the Equal Protection Clause (Nagourney n.p.). In my view, gay marriage should not be allowed.

Gay marriage should not be allowed since individuals who engage in it cannot procreate and ensure the continuity of any society. In the US where the same-sex marriages have been rampant, the continued toleration of gay marriage poses a risk to the nation as a whole since it would mean a large part of the current generation to be sterile. For the US to hold its position as one of the world’s greatest economy, it has to discourage gay marriages so that people can marry legitimately and give birth to ensure the country has sufficient work force to ensure its production capability. Although gay people may still raise adopted children, these children cannot grow up rightfully since it is always good for the young one to receive love and care from parents of both sexes (Mustanski n.p.).

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Mothers know how to address children needs better; hence, children who grow up under maternal care tend to be more upright than those who grow up in gay marriages. Children from gay marriages would possibly grow up immoral personalities; therefore, they are likely to be willing to practice the same type of relationships in the future. Moreover, it is possible that such children will be quite disrespectful in the society; therefore, gay marriages should not be allowed or tolerated. In California, where a ban on the same-sex marriage was lifted by a court order, majority of citizens voted against such type of marriages. This shows that the majority of the US citizens do not like gay marriages. The advocates for gay marriages do not have any reliable reasons as to why it should continue; they only claim that its prohibition is unconstitutional in that it denies those interested their marriage rights.

Different religions are known to play a very important role in ensuring the well-being of any society. Most of the world religions, among them Christianity and Islam, do not allow the same-sex marriages. For any country to sustain itself across all generations, it has to have a way in which people are born and brought up morally and responsibly. Gay marriages cannot facilitate all this, since they cannot enhance procreation and the children brought up in these marriages are prone to become immoral and irresponsible. In addition, allowing same-sex marriages sways the institution of marriage away from its initial form and idea. Since time immemorial, marriages have been contracted by individuals of the opposite sexes. In the case of gay marriages, human race would have become extinct long ago, and no one would be living today.

In conclusion, there have been outcries from gay marriage advocates that banning their marriages denies their rights, as indicated in Proposition 8 of the Constitution. However, these marriages should not be tolerated, so that countries are able to sustain the continuity of the population through procreation. Additionally, children brought up under opposite sex marriages grow up morally responsible and are helpful for any society’s well-being.


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