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Post Impressionism is a term that refers to the artistic work and, in particular, to a group of painters of the early 19th century. In a deeper sense, it brings out the effort of self expression instead of representation as seen in the works of Cézanne, Matisse and others (Brodskai 45). The emphasis of post impressionism was on the emotional aspect of painting and the connection to a formal structure. The emergence of post impressionism is largely attributed to personal animosities among the impressionists, although it never was a cohesive movement itself.

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Cubism can be described as a revolutionary style of modern art. It was first developed by Pablo Picasso. Essentially, it came into being in an effort to counter the western culture that had overridden its course of developing art. Practitioners of Cubism had the intention of using art to reflect on modernity; taking the example of photography to replace painting, although this never appealed to be radical enough to that needed effect of going beyond boundaries in communication and travel (Levy 90).

Dadaism is a reflection of a state of mind that allows free thinking. Marcel Duchamp was among the early pioneers of this artistic development. Originally, creations of Dadaism were merely paintings and poetic forms of art. The perspectives of Dadaism were to bridge differences on a global platform, institutionalize a change in attitude and practices majorly towards society, aesthetics and morality (Elger 89). Through the variations in a poem, one is able to find symbolism in it. This was made possible through the entire space of a stage which formalized all actions and speeches. The art in this case was energized by the fact that any sound could be incorporated into a performance as material.

Surrealism as a form of art came into being in a move to expand the forms of expression through automatic writing which aimed at empowering the subconscious mind. The art of poets coming after produced surprising imagery since their minds were no longer limited by the traditional and societal restrictions (Apollinaire et al 65).

All these were attributed to a clever and whimsical disregard for traditions as earlier seen in Dadaism. French poets Louis Aragon was among those associated with this movement.


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