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Free «Difference between Emotions and Feelings» Essay Sample

Emotions entail the composite psycho physiological experience of a person’s condition of mind as it is interrelating with the internal and external factors. They are usually precise and extreme reactions to a particular experience; therefore this is an indication that emotions are usually of a rather short period of time. Researchers have found out that emotions comprise of the following parts, expressive behavior, body responses, and one-sided feelings. Feelings are what occur in individuals hearts as an exercise of what our own experience, how we reason and how the response. Feelings can be classified be either primary or secondary. The primary feelings include happiness, sadness, fear, anxiety and anger. The rest are secondary feelings and include pain, joy, excitement, loneliness, peace, and many more (Schmidtz, 2002).

However, there is a clear difference between these two terms emotions are very comparable to conscious thinking than whereas feelings are less similar to conscious reasoning. Therefore feelings tend to be more similar to sensations and are faster than feelings .Therefore, emotions are not feelings.



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Most of the researchers disagree with the feeling theory of emotions and instead the say that emotions are feelings, the only relationship is that emotions constitute of some part of feelings. Hs also don’t act as a strong point of relation between these two terms because emotions also constitute of other parts such as the cognitive aspects. According the description of emotions, they are perceptions of structured changes in the body and when these perceptions are conscious they then qualify to the feelings state. Primary emotions consist of made up of secondary emotions like love and this show that these two terms are not similar but only co-relate. The description and interpretation of feeling differs since each form and type of feeling is unique and may lack a precise name. For example, when one gets upset by another individual, the kind of feeling that you get regarding the way that person is different. The feeling cannot be defined for its main reason is a personal feeling. Via this we can see that there are many ways of feeling thing but the emotion are mostly defined.

Having looked at these two terms in detail we can conclude their variance in relationship through the following ways,

- Emotions are not as direct as feelings are, feelings are direct due to the fact that they further sensory. For instance, when one touches something, he or she gets a feeling. In contrast, emotions are generally about the things in the practical world and involve thinking about something instead of feeling something in real time. Things out of the memory are emotions and thoughts and feelings are more tangible which can also be as a result of emotions that bring about new feelings,

- When one cares about his or her own feelings, it becomes easier to recognize them, this is an implication of how ones feelings aid in identification of other feelings, therefore, one’s emotions plays a role to the general emotional intelligence.

- In cases a particular emotion is dominating more than others are; it gets easier to distinguish it, which is why one gets depressed.

Nozick’s contribution to the belief- evaluation of the feelings and emotional theory is based on explaining why the theory of emotion has an implication on the fact that emotions can be evaluated, analyzed and judged. In Nozick’s theory on emotion, emotions are not just feelings; this is due to the value and belief that are entitled to the emotion part of an individual. He says that the size of our feelings constituent of the emotion is supposed to be in proportion to he stage emotionally involved to the occasion in inquiry. According to this theory, this can be referred to as healthy emotion and advises one to live a less emotional life. In addition, when it comes to reasoning and making judgments, one is not supposed to include emotions and feelings to that activity (Prinz,2006).

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Nozick’s in his theory asks the question, why be emotional and he dramatizes this in the question on his figure of the Spock from the star trek, in this dramatization he argues and makes conclusions of value but excludes emotions and feelings. This happen to be a clear representative of the4 question why be emotional since everyone wants to be like Spock by eliminating the emotional part of them. The Nozick’s theory explains that our emotions allow us to appreciate how we are feeling. For example, when am in conflict with one of my friend, the first feeling that gets into me is of anger and hate, but the moment my tempers get down, I get a feeling of embarrassment and shame due to my actions. From this it’s evident that shame, embarrassment, anger and happiness are all as a result of varying situations I a person morals that are revolving around his or her conscious thoughts and that tell the person to be either bad or good(Schmidtz, 2002).


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