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Discovering the issue of unfaithfulness in any relationship is disturbing. The main challenge is how one should handle such a situation. According to Orange coast magazine, “one of the strongest blows that a partner can face is the discovery that his or her spouse has been unfaithful” (p. 1). It is particularly devastating to the partner finding out, regardless how many occurrences has been there. Subotnik and Harris (2005) say, much more troubling, is the jealousy that arises after the discovery that one’s partner has been unfaithful (p. 107). There is a feeling of betrayal upon discovery of unfaithfulness within the relationship.

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There are obvious effects, which arise upon discovery of issue of unfaithfulness. Often one doubts himself or herself and personal confidence level. There are so many questions, which one asks themselves; is it because they are not attractive to partner? Were they supportive, interesting, will view it as unforgivable and adventurous as needed? According to Block (2000), some people, so hurt by the experience and will move on to break the relationship, while others will view it as a symptom of what has been lacking in their relationship and set out to do something about it (p. 76). 

The feeling of fear, pain, shock, confusion and uncertainty to betrayed partner. “Obviously, the first thing that has to be done is for the unfaithful spouse to break off his relationship with a lover and promise never to see her again if that is possible” (Molineux, 2000, p. 187). However, retaining the love and determination to move forward with relationship helps to overcome. 

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