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Free «Emotional Stimuli» Essay Sample

Emotional stimuli are considered to be the actors of influence on the motor system and may serve as promoters of action readiness. By the evidence that is driven from the sphere of recent psychological researches, namely by using transcranical magnetic stimulation, the following fact was proved, i.e. “emotional stimuli modulate action readiness” through the prism of dynamic patterns that reflect the perception of pictures whether emotional or neutral by means of excitability process (Van Loon & van den Wildenberg, 2010). This kind of dynamism was reached by investigating samples that evoke pleasant and unpleasant emotional stimuli. However it mainly occurs while viewing unpleasant pictures. It bears evidence that proves the notion of modulation action readiness to be relevant.

Moreover, the fact tends to be generally known that emotionally salient information and a certain pattern of behavior that is marked by response form are closely interconnected processes. Within the frames of external factors that are perceived by an individual, the events are evaluated as “more or less desirable” (Van Loon & van den Wildenberg, 2010). Emotions are viewed as a particular set of psychological and physiological conditions that create a reaction to the events which may be estimated as a parallel projection to the individual’s associations. Emotional appraisal of these events or objects causes the effect of mobilizing the body for action through disclosure of motivational stimuli.

The human emotions tend to be extracted from the so-called appraisals of the objects or events that are perceived which, in its turn, may cause certain reactions seen from various angles in accordance with type of personality. Essentially, appraisal theory is based on the assumption that an individual evaluates particular items using his/her emotional side of perception within creating negative or positive attitude toward this object. Besides, emotions cannot be implemented without physiological arousal.

According to the perspectives of William James and Carle Lange, emotion is considered to be the result based on a certain physiological arousal pattern that is influenced by a particular stimulus. A human-being tends to differentiate between different items, perceive the stimulus and determine the emotions due to these differences. It is obvious that the identification of a certain emotion happens fairly instantaneous which means that ANS arousal process takes a lot of time for people to be able to identify this emotion (Westmont Psychology, 2002). “When autonomic nervous system (ANS) response patterns do not move fluidly between arousal-based and restorative-based processes, they can become dysregulated via dominance or immobilization in one direction or the other” (Van Loon & van den Wildenberg, 2010).

The labeling system provides information that has its roots in the comprehension of information processing a set of characteristics. Mainly, people design labels and other elements of the system via whether positive or negative consequences. Label has to be made of comparisons across several alternatives. While providing “risk information” that reinforces its processability, the societal benefits may be reached being compared with the value of this information provision (Bettman et al., 1998).

The face as well as the body conveys the emotional condition of the person, i.e. body language is emotional and determines the facial expression, to some extent. It serves for the assertion of the fact that the degree of agreement between simultaneously presented facial and bodily emotional expressions is fairly sensitive.

The correlation between emotion and motivation is viewed as the process that involves stimuli. Nonetheless, human emotion differs from the behavior of animals, mainly because of the capacity to comprehend and to learn and because of availability of a certain range of stimuli that activate the motivational ability. Therefore, the emotional reactions of an individual involve tendency to act rather than to express in overt sense.


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