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In the United States, there are about four highly popular sports. They include American Football, Baseball, Basketball and Ice Hockey. People throughout the country are passionate about these sports. Those who love any of the sports do so whole-heartedly and feel a sense of commitment to either participate in it or support their favorite teams in that particular specialty. We have made personal observations and carried out extensive surveying and learnt considerably about the sports’ popularity ratings, in Utah Valley University (UVU), and the United States at large.

In Utah Valley University, Basketball is the most popular. This is supported by the University’s excellence in organized contests and regional as well as national competitions. The passion behind the cheering and support accorded to Basketball by the entire university fraternity is an apparent proof of the sport’s fame within the institution. In the United States, this seems to be the mood. There is a general significant affection for this sport making it, arguably the most popular sport in the entire country, as well. At the national level, Basketball is managed under the world renown National Basketball Association that boasts of some of the world’s most respected like the legendary Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, among many others. The Basketball league does not only attract local attention but also the international community’s, as well.

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Besides the findings we obtained about Basketball and its popular status within the entire United States of America, our steady investigations led us to the conclusion that although soccer is a very popular sport outside the United States, local people in this country do not give much attention. Many people do not have much interest in this sport. Unlike other developed countries like United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Netherlands, among many others, soccer in the United States started attracting some attention just recently. It is in the 2000s that soccer fellowship started picking up as a sport in the United States, with recognition of a few teams like the LA Galaxy and Red Bulls, which have managed to acquire the services of internationally respected players like David Beckam of England and Thierry Henry of France.

In our survey, we also got to get to understand that about 90% of people in the United who love sport usually do not play or take active part. They only watch and only the remaining small percentage left to participate. This seems not to be an isolated case of the United States, but also a global phenomenon. Statistics show that the trend is almost the same in other countries beyond the United States of America.

In conclusion, the love of Basketball by the Utah Valley University, making it the most popular sport in their locality, is not only a confined feeling but a passion shared by virtually all Americans. Besides, although soccer has so much following in countries like Argentina, Brazil, England and most parts of Africa, there is not as much hype in United States as it is elsewhere. It is also evident that loving a given sport does not necessarily mean that one has to take part actively in it.


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