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Free «A Survey of UTSA Students Smoking» Essay Sample


Youth smoking is a very serious problem nowadays. This is not only a medical problem, but also a social problem. It is the most widespread and mass habit, which damages both the health of the individual and the society in whole. It is the problem both for smokers and non-smokers. Smokers try to quit smoking, non-smokers try to avoid the influence of cigarettes and save their health from tobacco products.

The increasing number of young smokers is amazed. More and more students start smoking since very young age. We survey students of the University of Texas at San Antonio in order to understand possible reasons of people smoking and think about measures that can solve them.


That we can understand people smoking, we took a poll twenty students. Ten female and ten male UTSA students were the research ship to our survey. The important thing was to ask both smokers and non-smokers. The main content of the survey was university students’ reason to smoke. The questionnaire consists of ten questions, which follow the topic and had the most important information we needed:



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1. Do you smoke?  (If No skip to question 5)

2. How old were you when you started smoking?

3. What reason made you start smoking? (Please circle all that apply)

4. How many pack(s) of cigarettes do you smoke a day?

5. Do you think smoking makes people cool?

6. Does anyone in your family smoke?

7. Does it bother you if people smoke around you?

8. Should smoking be illegal?

9. Are you thinking if the age should be higher than 18 or lower than 18?

10. Should there be a sin tax on packs of cigarettes?


Following the results of the survey there are more smokers than non-smokers among the UTSA students. Major part started smoking under twenty years old. Half of them have family members who smoke. Most every student said that smoking is not cool and that it bothers them if people smoke around. The frequent answer to the question as for the reason they smoke was “helps to calm down” and “can not stop smoking”. Majority thinks that it is wrong to make smoking illegal, but there were different thoughts about a sin tax on packs of cigarettes and the age of smokers.


Summarizing the results of the survey, we can say that problem of students smoking lies on a surface. There are a lot of reasons, which prevent young people to stop smoke. However, they all understand that it is harmful habit and perhaps this is the key to help the society.


There are different measures which help society get rid of smoking. First of all, it is a total ban on tobacco products advertisement. Also, the economic impact on smokers, in other words motivation to get monthly bonuses, which nowadays many firms and companies pay to non-smoker employees. One more effective method is to prohibit smoking in public places in order not to spoil the air for surrounding people. However, not only government should solve the problem, but each citizen as well.


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