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It goes without saying that the United States of America has grown over the last four years in terms of the economy, developments, infrastructure and healthcare, foreign policy, environment, immigration, education and many other aspects. Nevertheless, there is still more that needs to be done regarding the same; which calls for more time. Change of strategies and policies set in place can take us back to our dull past. The much achieved can be attributed to the current president Barack Obama. He should be allowed to take America forth by raising the tides of prosperity, the still waters of peace and betterment in general. In his 2012 campaign slogan “FORWARD” which goes back to the roots of Marxism, he shows that there is much more work to be done to move ahead. Therefore, America needs Barack Obama as the next president to take it forward.

The sluggish U.S. economic recovery and persistently high unemployment rate have made the economy the fundamental matter in the 2012 presidential campaign. Job creation is the main priority for most American voters and President Obama has outlined outstanding policy proposals that would fuel the economy and increase hiring. His campaign issues in this regard focuses on how to stimulate the economy through the creation of new jobs and investing in healthcare, energy, education and infrastructure. This will result in an increase in alternative energy production, as well as modernizing the people’s residential premises, enlarge broadband know-how and automate the healthcare system hence creating more jobs.



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Many people view the same subject differently and my stand on this plan is very positive. There are high promises and unbounded hope in the future of health care in the United States. One of the advantages of the health care plan is the fact that it will not add a dime on the present deficit. The plan is paid for, upfront. It will create an autonomous commission of medical experts and doctors to identify fraud, abuse and waste in the system of health care. Again, the plan will actually order important and instant medical malpractice reform efforts that will assist medical professionals to prioritize their patients rather than engaging in defensive practice of medicine. All the same, big employers will be expected to cover their workers and people who can manage to buy insurance so that all people will become part of the reform plan.

On matters of national security, Barrack Obama pledged that the United States would do its part to make these efforts successful, working closely with the international community and their allies as they fulfill their responsibilities as well. Obama has been appreciated for his spirit of partnership and warm nature of engaging in Middle East conflict (Smith par. 6-7). To set up peace in Middle East was regarded as the greatest challenge for him and his administration. Obama’s way of doing things traces an intellectual evolution of figures in American history to assert that liberals who are ready to use power to offer protection to human rights are the true leaders that the United States needs (Democratic Enthusiasm Swells in the Swing States).

The political blunders done by former American regimes in impeaching the case for a fair and important war are unlikely to resurface with the ideology and policies being put in place by the Obama administration, and so dreadfully are the occasional failures and sometimes disasters of an ill-planned action that have been addressed through the Obama Campaigns. Obama supports the program of Making Home Affordable Modification to avert foreclosures and streamline loans and maintain people in their own homes. He has plans of creating a financial regulatory system that guarantees accountability of executives in the financial market on matters of their actions and therefore prevent fraud, which is a very important engagement. If elected, he has promised to endeavor to make the tax system just to working families and the middle class. He also intends to eliminate loopholes that profit the wealthy. In addition, he has promised to make straightforward the tax code.

The United States is in reality a democracy. However, the founding fathers of America did not long for democracy but for a republic through leaders who were elected. America and the founding fathers in particular were much more concerned with liberty, which essentially was all about freedom from government (Obama 5-12). Thus, the United States is known more for liberty than democracy. The concern was more focused on having liberty than having democracy. This is most evident with the manner, through which the constitution of the United States was drafted and in the lines in which Obama is campaigning. It has a system of electoral vote that is still applicable to this date. The Americans vote for the electors who then choose who to be president.

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Obama seems to understand what the founders of the United States understood clearly more than other contemporary politicians, that liberty was the fundamental establishment need for the prosperity of Americans and in the pursuit of joy and happiness. Obama is yearning for secure rights of property, and he knows the danger that would be posed through a misguided standpoint. While democracy has been said to be incompatible with the rights of property, the United States is a democracy and even though Obama is a democrat, he knows the implications of supporting the ideas of democrats alone. He does not have partiality in his campaigns. He is making a commitment to be a president of the republicans as well. The rights to private property have been eroded away through the oppression of the majority that represents democracy.

There have been worries that the U.S democracy will ultimately degenerate into a system of anarchy, and then anarchy will in the end brew dictatorship (Obama 5-12). These are such kind of issues, which were postulated by people like John Adams. This is a very unique possibility and even a probable likelihood that can take effect in the near future. There is a chance of irrational opinions and decisions arising through emerging democracies, the U.S included. The issue could be weighty and despite America being a democracy, it is unlikely that such matters will affect the country as purported by Obama. The United States is more liberty focused than democracy guided. It is an issue of main concern and we keep wondering how long democracies will get away with it. The cumulative effects, occasioned by bad democratic decisions, cause a lot of failure and worry in the system of governance, which trickles down to the people. Though this is a characteristic of a democratic system like the United States, it is unlikely to befall the nation due to the principles upon, which the United States is built from and the move taken by Obama in his campaigns.

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Barrack Obama's historic win of the 2008 presidential did not only win the White House but also the east, west, north, south, blue state, red state, adult, children, straight and gay people’s heart. With the election won, the clapping continued, the focus during his first days in office was on the possibilities and problems of the opening moments of his administration. Obama was now found to be taking the control of a country which has for a long time faced a long, scary list of problems (Smith par. 4-7). He can do the same given another chance. The fact that Barack Obama has not fully honored his pledges should not be taken as a failure because he has met and overcame many challenges in doing the much he has done. It is said that Rome was not build in a day; Obama has made remarkable steps so far and more can be realized in a matter of time. Therefore, Obama will have my vote and he deserves your vote too.


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