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Designing possible, preferable, and probable futures in technology of mobile and the web is advancing the social development of the society. These are the three basic features in shaping the leader vision in the present society. Technologists always gather to discuss on approaches to expand on the proportion of the world that can access the web. The primary relationship concerning the technology is decorously known as “users.” Information Communication Technologies (ICT) is referred to as receivers of hardware technology units established by the software designers. Therefore, this essay is to discuss the on the three futures in shaping leadership and human relation. ICT is the principal aspect that is to be focused. The futures shaping leadership vision are traced from the enhancement of this system. This ensures quick and effective transfer of information to the people.

Considerably, human systems refer to political, economic, environmental, and sociocultural that frames the desires and abilities of a person to adopt accessible ICT tools. In addition, approaches that are goal achieving include intensifying worldwide access to mobile web technologies. Therefore, the three future shape of leader vision is based on the possibility, probability, and preferable outreach of ICT skills to the people in the society. This includes the extent to which the local organization and culture that allows open political dissertation. This will impact in all individuals to use network communication devices for communication. The type of human and business infrastructure will maintain the deployed technology is particularly crucial. In addition, the web built-based technologies established for “first world” individual consumers are directly usable in the society improves the leadership vision (Thomas 87).

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The local economy is likely to do well if access to the web in the region is facilitated with regard to the villagers` individual needs. It is significant to denote that the establishment of the ICT in the local economic region enables easy access of materials. This includes assessment of businesses and the local leadership is achieved (Thomas 121). Therefore, the establishment of ICT should meet the local economy`s needs as failure to this will result to its neglecting. Introduction of electric generation options like wind and solar of power required by ICT effects to changes in local communities. Moreover, these are key tools in shaping leadership vision that meets the people.

However, the most noteworthy aspect is how to make ICT much probable mobile web technology in social development. This is complex, but its importance ranges to millions of beneficiaries. The establishment of this system ensures easier running of administration of leadership especially with the population rise across the world. Establishment of technology in local government ensures the cases of security are limited to a great extent. Leadership is an fundamental aspect in the society, and a step towards good administration ensures the citizen`s needs are met. This includes use of mobile phones and computers through established citizen networks around the country or nation. Through the use of these kinds of ICT systems, the administration of leadership and human relations are met (Thomas 133).

In conclusion, it is crucial to consider the establishment of ICT as a major element of better leadership. This is because there is an alarming rate of increase in the population rate. Therefore, for a leader to meet expectations of many people, the use of mobile phones and ICT is of immense significance. The current leadership and human relations can be improved through the foundation of the three futures leader shaping vision. Possible, preferable, and probable futures shaping leadership in technology are basic in ensuring reliable leadership. Leaders should emphasize the use of this ICT system to serve the public.


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