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Muslims have been found unable to coexist with many civilizations of the west, and certainly in the United States due to the alleged and passionate ideas of women rights and private liberty that are actually not upheld by the Muslim community. Therefore, the Muslim Americans are categorized this way. The feeling is that Muslim Americans ought to not only be profiled, but every one should be obliged to swear an oath to guarantee allegiance and devotion to the United States as the first step in earning the admiration and trust of the nation of America. This is what the Muslim Americans have been subjected to (Katz, par. 2-6). There has been a sentiment that all mosques in the United States are ought to be closed as they are perceived to be a threat to national security. Muslims have been seen as a trouble for many years, with their disturbing notion where conversion comes through the sword.

The Muslim Americans, and more predominantly after the 9/11 attack, have lived under apprehension and prejudice by connecting with terrorists on religious matters. Many bloggers have assented to the thought of hounding Muslims at airports and other public areas like large buildings including stadiums. Many anxious feelings have come to consequence following the 9/11 attack. It is alleged that Islam contends violence (Mujahid, par. 1-6). This has been a very thorny stereotype for Muslim Americans to take in. People sharing a similar opinion are gradually increasing. The judgment held concerning Muslims is that they do not have respect for non- Muslims. After having had such information and the hate opinions held by the majority Native Americans towards the Muslims; it is apparent that people would want to know the reaction of the Muslims to the depressing response they get from the citizens that they together share a state for their whole life. It has really been an intricate scenario.


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