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The social work department has very wide range of social and communal programs which are basically aimed to change the lives of Scottish citizens and more especially to protect the children from abuse. The top most and basic role of social work department is to protect the children from abuse, develop and enhance their living standard. For this purpose, department has chalk out five programs that are service development, leadership management, workforce, practice governance and performance improvement. These five programs comprise on a complete circle which plays a pivotal role to personify the personality of a citizens. However, there are many other programs with number of Scottish Government Departments with core child protection and child development emphasize. The most practical is “Domestic Abuse and The National Strategy to Address Domestic Abuse in Scotland”. That program includes preventing domestic abuse as a national strategy. There is in place a national training strategy to protect the children and young people experiencing domestic abuse. Moreover, some other program by the department includes community care, community justice authorities, criminal justice social work, homelessness, national strategy for the management of offending, new health strategy (better health, better care) and many more. However, the basic aim in each program is to protect the citizens especially child abuse communally.

British police:

As British police is a law enforcement agency, so, it has deep relation with society and social activities. Prime responsibility of each law enforcement agency is to safeguard the lives and interest of each citizen. Relation of police force with social work especially with child abuse is very significant. British police with vitality do work for child protection and retaliate very boldly against child abuse; many examples are there to refer. As British laws and social system have much importance for protection and rescue of young generation. Therefore, British police actively perform for the rescue of child abuse and to rehabilitate.

Joint Working:

However, partnership between Social work department and law enforcement agencies ultimately gives batter results. It is very important to have a coordinative behavior between social work and police department to facilitate and rehabilitate the citizens. Though, otherwise, joint working is considered the backbone of strengthening the systems.


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