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Social do not possess its true meanings when it involve class in it. It is a largely recognized fact especially in the current social justice and social responsibility era of universe. When everyone knows the fact of humanity and majority are in a mature state of accepting the social justice and social responsibility. Moreover, it is a known fact that there is no concept of class in the acuity of social norms of the society, community or even in a family and group of people. However, expectations are there which can not be reconciled completely. In addition, it is responsibility of every commune to establish the type of social system which should not have class consciousness and the evilness of greed and breed to make the process of life very human and very natural.

Pride and prejudice:

The novel written by Austen “Pride and prejudice” reflects the society of 18th century which was in a very distracted form. The novel has had recognized as great piece of literature which allow people to think about their behavior their living styles and the most considerable element is the humanity in the personality. Therefore, the most concerned theme of the novel is based on the pride and prejudice element in the people’s personalities. As the theme is very powerful and so concerned with the actual happenings of the society, therefore, it had have reached the most attractive literature to read, understand and to make the appropriate correction in the society.

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Elizabeth Bennet and Darcy are the central characters of the novel. The whole story revolves around both of them. And the major theme is the material approach in the society bring clash situation between both of them. However, the writer very professionally handled the flow of story to resolute it in a good manner. In the story the central characters Elizabeth and Darcy found in critical situation due to the social norms applied by the customs and traditions introduced by the elders that bring the prevalence of status and class intuit in the society. It affects the generation very harshly and by large the society as whole encountered with a chaos situation. The class involvement in each of the act performed as a community has very bad reaction which can not be understood by the prejudice and pride people. However, conclusively the writer has highlighted the marriage, love and other social issues with very generous point of view. And it has created a great impact on the society to make the humanity as first and at its best.

The element of pride and prejudice in the novel:

The major theme of the novel is to highlight the bad happenings in the social norms of the society in 18th century. So, both of the elements have been highlighted very brightly in the story. The love and affection is penetrated in the story by the Elizabeth character who loves with Darcy, but, very poor and at the same time very selective and very proud on her beauty and balanced personality. On the other hand Darcy is very prejudice even though having richness a very prominent status in the society, but, not very concerned and have pride on his prominence and status. In fact he doesn’t possess a good and impressive style in his personality, but, in reality is a very great person for them who know him very well.


The social system is very important for a good fortune. It impacts on the personalities, communities, societies and the nations. So that it is important to encourage and implement a social system which make it possible to promote humanity to have a good fortune. The novel pride and prejudice has the same message on very large scale and with very good authority. Now it’s the responsibility of every citizen and each commune to put out the class from the social.


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