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Free «Homeland Security Threat Levels» Essay Sample

The world has undergone through numerous changes since the terrorist attack in the United States on September 11, 2001. America remained at risk to terrorism and it will remain at risk in the nearest future. Taking into account all the threat conditions, the nation must remain ready and vigilant to prevent them. There has been so-called “low condition”, which is affirmed, when there is a minimal risk of the terrorist attack. The federal agencies and departments should take general measures in addition to the specific protective ones. They should refine and exercise all the suitable, preplanned defensive measures. It is also important for them to ensure the proper instruction on the Homeland Security Advisory System, as well as preplanned agency or department defensive measures. Establishing a procedure to guarantee that all regulated sectors and facilities are frequently appraised for vulnerabilities to terrorism attacks, and all sensible measures are taken to alleviate these vulnerabilities is vital for the country defense (USA Secure, 2013).



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Another national security threat level is based on the elevated condition, which is affirmed, when there is a vital danger of the terrorist attack. The federal department should consider increasing supervision of the critical regions, assessing whether the specific traits of threats require further modification of the preplanned defensive measures, coordinating emergency strategies as required with the neighboring jurisdictions, and implementing contingency and emergency reaction plans.

High condition, another condition that threatens security level, is affirmed, when there is an elevated danger of the terrorist attack. In addition to the pervious defensive measures, federal departments and agencies need to coordinate essential security measures with state, federal, and local law enforcement. They should also consider taking additional safety measures and, perhaps, considering alternative sites or even cancellation. It is also important to execute unforeseen event processes, such as dispersing their workforce or moving to the alternative venue and restricting threatened facility entrance to the necessary personnel only (Stout, 2005).

Another condition that threatens the security is the severe one. It reflects a cruel danger of the terrorist attack. In most situations, the defensive procedures for severe conditions are not planned to be continued for considerable period. In addition to the previous protective measures for the mentioned threats, federal department and agencies should also consider redirecting or increasing personnel to deal with critical emergency needs and assigning crisis response personnel (Jordan, 2006).

The highest priority of the president is to protect the American people. He is dedicated to making sure the United States is proper to the ideals and values, while also defending the people of America. The President is dedicated to providing homeland security against the 21st century threats by stopping terrorist attacks and any other threats against the homeland of America, planning and preparing for emergencies, and investing in recovery capabilities and strong response.

The National Security policy, released on May 27, 2010, lays out a tactical approach for moving forward American interests, as well as the safety of the people, support for the values, a rising United States economy, and a global order that can tackle the challenges of the 21st century.

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To address the international threats efficiently, the national homeland security system must take a complete approach to securing the borders of America, including operations with the state and local governments, the private sector, and global partners. The President holds up efforts to deploy and develop technology to take full advantage of port security devoid of causing economic disturbance, and improving the security of the key transport networks—as well as surface, maritime and air networks—that bond American nation and the globe. Nevertheless, the security system must also labor to tackle matters, such as immigration, which are directly related to the nation aptitude to efficiently secure its borders. Attacks by means of the biological weapons or improvised nuclear strategies, as well as eruption of an epidemic disease, pose increasing jeopardy and grave national security.

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