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Games form an integral part of human experience and exist in all cultures. Scholars define game as well structured form of playing governed by a set of rules and usually undertaken for enjoyment or to impart some knowledge. Therefore, integral components of games include rules, goals, challenges and interaction. Games are important in a family setting since they help achieve wide range of benefits. Games help children as well as their parents exercise and thus keep up with their physical fitness for a healthy life. Games also help children interact with their friends outside and they help built mental and physical strength of the participants. Various factors need consideration during recruitment and selection, talent development, performance and reward as far as gaming is concerned.

Recruitment and Selection

With family as the target, a major factor that need consideration when recruiting and selecting a given game includes the interest of family members. It is vital to establish the interest of most family members in a specific game before deciding to enrol them to certain games. Some members may like ball games while others may prefer video or computer games. It is thus important to establish the most liked game before introducing it to a given family. In so doing, a family will enjoy participating in that game and fully enjoy its benefits (Avedon & Sutton-Smith, 1998, p. 41).

Talent Development

Games can be effectively used to develop talent especially in children. Exposing children to different games can help establish the child’s interest. As a result, this talent can be tapped and developed so that the child becomes a professional in that game and thus earn a handsome living from it. Most successful players of games like football, rugby, cricket, basketball had their talent spotted and developed at their tender ages.

Performance and Reward

It is crucial also to monitor closely performance of each family member. This calls for involvement of experts such as physical fitness trainers to gauge how well a given family responds to different games. Assessment of performance is a crucial factor since it helps establish the strong points of the game to the family as well as exposes the weaknesses. Through performance, the strong areas can then be rewarded to encourage them. For instance, a child performing well in a given game can be rewarded by taking him to an academy where his talent will be developed further (Choi, Kraut & Fichman, 2008).


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