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Free «How to Use a Fire Extinguisher» Essay Sample

A fire extinguisher is also known as a flame extinguisher. This is a fire device for protection purposes. It can control small flames of fire if it is applied in a convenient way. Different companies follow different installation and application procedures for fire extinguishers. This is the rationale for agent installation diversity. It is applicable to use emergency numbers to avert explosion of a fire tragedy. Fire may be both a good and bad servant. It can cause massive destruction within a short time. Special commercial tools are necessary in handling fire extinguishers. Trojan is good and special equipment for fire protection. The chemical extinguisher has a color code. Yellow is the most common color for Trojan. Some fire extinguishers use powder and others use liquid for fire extinguishing purposes. The weights range from 2 to5 kilograms.

There is no common agreeable procedure or instruction for the use of fire extinguisher machines. This is due to different company specifications and the variation in regard to the chemicals, which should be used.



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Instructions for Fire Extinguishing

To have a comprehensive knowledge on the use of a fire extinguisher is beneficial. Besides, there is a similarity in using the fire extinguisher. Typical or basic fire extinguishers require at around ten seconds to put off a fire. The duration can be reduced if there is a partial discharge of the fire extinguisher. Manufacturers attach the instructions in order to enable the user to use the fire extinguisher efficiently. A fire expert requires individuals to undergo through training period to handle fire prevention. Government fire experts always offer the fire training for free so as to avert the tragedy.

In case of fire the fire step is to break a compound. Take time to exercise or examine the fire and observe if there is a re-ignition of fire. Whenever there is re-ignition, it is good to immediately recharge the fire extinguisher after usage.

Firstly, the personnel are supposed to pull a pin, which is at the top of fire extinguisher. The unlocking of the pin enhances discharge of the fire extinguisher. The next step is to target at the firebase, but not at the direct flame. The aiming will assist in extinguishing the fire as well as help to put off the fuel. The third step is the slow squeezing of the level. The squeezing will allow releasing the extinguishing agent. The releasing of the handle will halt the discharge from the extinguisher. The final step involves sweeping of the fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher is to be moved and swept till the fire is out.

The extinguishing procedures require a reasonable or at least safe distance for the user of fire extinguisher. Instructors always vary the operation distance of the user. The common instruction is to target the base of the fire not at the direct flame. This will minimize the explosion rate of the fire.

It is better to take into the consideration that pulling, aiming, squeezing, and sweeping are the main steps in the extinguishing of fire. Different countries have different emergency numbers in regard to the fire outbreak. The safety of the user overrides the compound or equipment under fire. Always ensure your safety before you initiate the process. Panic and anxiety are not the way out in firefighting, as they will only exaggerate the scenario.

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