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Free «Socialist art and Government Control of art to indoctrinate people» Essay Sample

The government has many responsibilities but it must execute them as guided by the principles of the constitution and in a manner that respects people's rights and freedoms. While the government makes laws and regulations that guide public conduct and how people interact with others, they should not try to dictate to the people on how to think and use propaganda to influence free choice. Art is a powerful media whether its paintings or writings and government should desist from trying to control art as a way of indoctrinating people. This practice has been there for long especially in the former Soviet Union where socialist realism art was used by government to promote socialism among the Russian people. Government in modern society still exploits some forms of art either directly or with the use of proxy to indoctrinate people about some issues rather than leave it to them to form their own onions.

There are several areas that are extremely important to our government but two that stand out include foreign policy and free market. The government has used the media to create a grim scenario and incite fear to justify their military invasion of certain states. This of course happens over a long time where information is manipulated to shape the opinion of the people and gain favor for radical decisions whose real intent is questionable at the least. The Iraq war is one such case where Saddam was painted as danger to the world with his purported weapons of mass destruction. Capitalism has also been promoted over centuries by our government and most curriculums taught teach on the benefits of capitalism and the dangers of socialism and communism. In this regard people are not free to form their own opinions and accept the status quo as the only progressive market structure. There are those who feel that the government is not trying to indoctrinate and that it fosters a society where people are free to form their own thoughts and express them as they deem fit. I do not accuse them of being blind to the truth; they are free to pursue their own particular set of beliefs. The government should refrain from all forms of biased propaganda and inspire a new kind of art freedom where people can be exposed to all possible options and form independent opinions.


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