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In the spirit of globalization, the USA has opened its doors to people from all walks of life. This has only been seen before in Canada and Australia. The USA hence becomes the third country to lighten their requirements of immigration and naturalization. Their website on the matter is very accommodative to all people seeking to access information. Even more so, English speakers find it easy to navigate than other language speakers. The website is equipped with information on matters such as law, resources and other crucial matters that one needs to look into before getting into the country. There is also information about green cards and different forms of citizenship that immigrants can get. People seeking to work in the country can also get help from this website.

The best attribute about this website is the simplicity through which one can access information. It is easy to find on any search engine.  The language used is simple and understandable. A person with the slightest grasp of the English language can comprehend the content of this website.

The use of pictorials in the website is helpful for people from the Diaspora. There is a slide show available on the page that showcases the services that are offered. Also, on the subheadings of the page, there are pictures that serve to direct the visitors. For instance, to direct one to the adoption section, there is the picture of a baby next to the subheading.

There is also a link redirecting the page to the Spanish edition. This will help the visitors who speak the language. There is, however, a lack of alternatives for visitors who do not speak any of the two languages offered in the website.  This offers a room for improvement. The site should include other language alternatives such as French and Chinese. Better still the page should have redirections to all official languages of the United Nations. This will enable every visitor to navigate the page with reasonable ease, no matter their origin. 


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