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Graft Report from the University of Illinois

In August 7, 2009, New York Times quoted a state commission that had reported major irregularities in the admission of students into the University of Illinois (Lynne, 2009). The names of senior staff members, including yours, were mentioned in the commission report, which can only scathe the image of the institution. The newspaper reported that admissions were biased with people associated with politicians, donors and other influential people getting unmerited advantage. It was reported that the move was aimed at ensuring that these donors supported the university during the upcoming capital campaign. Part of the evidence produced was n email address from a college dean who held that a certain son had to be admitted because his father was expected to make major contributions towards the campaigns in the school (Jodi & Tara, 2009). The dean’s name appeared on the list along with others. Other senior staff members listed included the Chancellor, Associate professors, a current dean of college of Business, and a former dean of college of Law (Lynne, 2009; Ashby, 2009). This is an allegation that has far-reaching negative impact on the image of the university.

The Need for Integrity

It should be noted that students’ intake is one of the noblest activities of a university. In order to properly apportion resources, students who are qualified should always be given a preference. Failure to do this would result in the university producing poor and only partially competent graduates. It should, therefore, be the most transparent and credible activity that must never be compromised. Using the admission process to obtain money for other purposes, therefore, is unacceptable and unethical and should be condemned with the strongest terms possible.

Protecting the University Image

For the sake of the institution, media interviews should be conducted very carefully. All the people mentioned should come forward and provide the necessary explanations to the rest of the board of trustees in order to mitigate any negative outcome of such interviews to the university. They should also step aside to give a way for in-depth investigations on the matter. The process should be handled with care and integrity to ensure that the correct information is obtained. On their part, all the mentioned staff members should ensure that they give the investigators room for their activities, through cooperation and objection whenever they feel that they are treated unfairly. By accepting responsibilities, the university will retain its credibility and reduce the number of new allegations. University's life will go back to normal and the students will not be affected  because they will be kept away from the issues. 


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