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Nowadays the cases of collisions between students are dramatically increasing. Under a plausible scenario, on the one hand, there is an aspect of bullying that takes place. Stalking occurs when a person pays obsessive attention towards a target (Wrixon & Dennistoun, 2011). This behavior is illegal and is punishable in a court of law. On the other hand, there is also another issue in this scenario, namely a social nuisance. Thus when a student harasses another one, even though there is absence of physical violence, action should be taken against them. Considering the given situation, the angry boy, Bryan was not allowed to cause unrest among the student base in school.

The most effective way of handling this situation is confronting the two parties. Bryan should be disciplined for his actions and warned against further wrongdoing. Teachers and other authority figures in the school should talk to the offender about the bad behavior that he is engaged in and the consequences that it might have on him and others.

Another way would be to expel the offender from the school. By putting a barrier between him and the other clique, this behavior will be stopped. The offended party could also file for a restraining order so as to legally put a protective barrier between them and the offender.

Every action taken in this scenario would have consequences. In the case of negotiations, the offender may decide to ignore the advice and warnings given to him. On the contrary, creating a distance between the two parties will only be effective during school hours. Hence the behavior will still continue when both parties are outside the school.

The scenario would be different if the genders were reversed due to the fact that females are normally less violent than males (Kerbs & Jolley, 2007). There are also fewer female bullies in schools in comparison with their male counterparts. Therefore, if the role of Bryan was given to a girl, there would be a lower possibility of the situation escalating to such a level of brutality.


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