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Free «Correct Posture for Singing» Essay Sample

The posture during singing is almost as important as proper breathing if the person wants to get a good clean sound. The position of singing may affect the intonation, the power of voice, and the right or, vice versa, incorrect singing breath. The person who is going to sing or to utter at least one but a very beautiful sound has to remember that the correct position of the body is the basis for high-quality sound and a clear tone. The best position for singing is standing with your feet wide apart and knees slightly bent. The back is straight, the head is up, and the chin is relaxed. This position will allow the person to breathe properly and sing well. If he is going to sing while sitting, he should keep the back straight.

If, during the singing, a person keeps the right posture and makes sure that the chest does not sink when he/she exhales, the diaphragm is well able to move freely and is controlled automatically by abdominal muscles. There is no need to strain those muscles consciously. If a person tries to control muscles during singing, the additional effort will only strain the ligaments. A person must learn to fill lungs and control the amount of air exhaled during singing. He/she also has to learn to breathe quickly but quietly and exhale slowly, playing with musical tone. There is a balance between the air and the muscles at the optimum breathing. The person must learn how to manage with the flow of exhaled air and ligaments at the same time. When the exhale air reaches the vocal cords, they, along with the other muscles of the larynx, control the flow of air thus determining the height and intensity of the sound.


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