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Free «How to Use a Cellphone» Essay Sample

We live in a world that is increasingly mobile (Nielsen & Webb 25). A cellphone gives us a sense of security and instant access. Cellphones unite us.

Before the first use of a phone the person should charge a battery. A phone can be charged with a charger device or with a connection to the PC. When a special tone sounds it means that the battery level is very low. When it level becomes too low, a phone turns off automatically. To activate a phone, you must charge the battery. To turn on your phone, you should press and hold the button of switching on and enter the PIN-code (if necessary). To navigate the device and work in its interface, you can use different methods: a touch control, stylus and joystick. To make a call you should dial a number or select a contact from the ring book. On the Home screen you should click Start than choose Contacts to open the Contacts screen. Then select the contact you want to call and press the call button. When you receive a phone call, the screen will open a voice call, allowing you either to answer the call or reject it. To reject a call, press the reset button. On the Messages tab, you can read received SMS-messages and create SMS-messages. On this tab, you can view the text of received MMS-messages. To create the SMS message, on the Home screen slide choose the Messages tab, then click on the icon Create. Use the camera to take photos and record video clips. On the Home screen, open the Photos and Videos tab and click the Camera icon or Video Camera icon. Press the ENTER button to take a picture or start recording video. In Video or MMS-video, press ENTER again to stop recording. Use Album to view images and video files on your device. On the Home screen, open the Photos and Videos tab and then tap the Album.


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