Free «Language and Skills Development Activities» Essay Sample

The objective of this activity aims at giving me skills for using conjunctive adverbs, and how they can be used in formation of compound sentences. This will help in improving my ability of constructing complex sentences without grammatic errors, which is an area that am experiencing major weaknesses. In addition, the activity aims at enhancing my skills in punctuation of complex sentences.

This activity concentration of use of the following conjunctive adverbs: after all, also, as a result, besides, however, and on the contrary.

Examples of the sentences that I constructed using the above conjunctive adverbs are as follows:

The teacher did not bring the book, after all we did not need it.

The economy is experiencing rapid growth due to technological improvement in production, infrastructure, also in communication.

The drought has brought numerous problem in the country, as a result, the nation is not at peace.

Besides being the only chief economist, he is also the president of the country, who gives the order to fire or to hire.

He is the brightest boy in the class, however, students dislikes his mannerism.

The principles advised the student to take English language seriously in their study, on the contrary, student are performing very poorly in English.

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My friends reviewed the sentences I constructed above and agreed that they were correct. In addition, I used student dictionary to confirm the accuracy of the above sentences, and found them to be consistent.

To enhance punctuation and sentence composition skills I would continue learning more of these conjunctive adverbs, and construct various sentences while observing punctuation rules.

Business vocabulary

The objective of this activity is to equip me with various business terms, which will provide flexibility in construction of various sentences structures. It will also enhance my skills in using synonyms in the construction of sentences, and in paraphrasing sentences.    

I used the following vocabulary and their synonyms in the construction of the sentences: Profitability, shareholders, and Firms.

The competitive power of the different companies depends on their profitability.

ABC Company has globalised its operation to international operation leading to improved company’s prosperity.

The shareholders will have their annual general meeting to discuss the way forward for the company.

Sometimes the owner of the Companies may fire the manager, if the manager is unfit for managing the companies operations.

The telecommunication industry is experiencing stiff competition due to entry of new firms to take advantage of high rates of returns.

I managed to review my work by help of the English study group. In this group, each student work undergoes scrutiny from other students and gives suggestion on possible correction. However, my work passed this test.

To enhance business vocabulary, I will put more effort in reading business journals and periodicals. This will give a pool of new business vocabulary useful writing.

Citation techniques

This activity was worth taking because I realized I had a problem of citing documents when doing my writing. Therefore, to enhance my writing techniques I learnt citing using the APA formatting guide.

The paragraph below provides an example of the work I did following the skill I developed concerning APA referencing style.

The World War II

World war two took place in the period 1939-1945, and it was a global concern concerning the majority of the nations in the globe. The war resulted from the opposition between super power countries that formed two different groups. This was the greatest war in the history (Black, 2003).


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