Free «Experience at the Auditorium: Dance Moves to Remember» Essay Sample

The event dubbed” Dance Mania” was held right at the center of New York City, on Saturday the 29th,October,2011. The event was meant for the general public as a whole and it was somehow cheap perhaps to encourage more people to attend. The audience was composed of mostly the youth and some few old people who were said to have had experience in dancing. They were hosts. The event was meant to bring together the different modes of dancing styles so that all dancing genres were represented.

When I reached the location where the event was being held, the surrounding made me feel curious and somehow excited since this was the first time I was going to attend a dancing event. I reached for the entrance and paid the entrance fee. Fortunately enough, I managed to get the front seats and sat down ready for the event. The auditorium was filled with music: soft music. Soft music releases tension and creates a friendly environment for both the audience and the performers.

The stage was filled with different kinds of accompaniments ranging from drums to ropes which are mainly used to enhance the theme of performances. At the backstage dancers were heard rehearsing hard. One of the old man sitting just behind the stage woke up, went for the microphone and started to chant a popular song. The crowd got very energetic; this was meant to keep the crowd on their fit as the event went to the climax. Suddenly, light went off except the ones at the stage and everybody went wild as the most sought after group of dancers took to the stage. Music changed from soft music to a hip-hop track over which the dancers used as accompaniment to portray their moves.

At this moment in time, I felt so excited and even felt to dance with the styles that were being performed. The dancers were wearing extremely attractive clothes which complemented with the kind of moves they were making. At one point during the dance, music stopped, the dancers kept up with a slow motion move, lights were put on and the crowd went wild. It was the climax of the performance. For about five minutes things were in that state and then a drum beat was heard, music commenced and the dancers made some final moves before their performance ended. This performance astonished the audience.

The stage lights were off again and the old man: Davidson announced that the group that was to follow formed the pioneer of the latest contemporary style of dancing. A contemporary dance is a style of communicative dance that combines fundamentals of several dance varieties as well as modern, jazz, lyrical and classical( Colt,2009). Lights were put on and the dance crew showcased their moves. The moves were a bit slower and less lively as compared to the previous performance. The performance went ahead until the lights were put off again. Putting off the lights indicated the end of the allocated time for each performance.

Sincerely speaking as much as I was curious and so full of expectations about contemporary dance, I never enjoyed any bit of it. The crowd appeared bored and that led to putting off the lights before the end of the performance.


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