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Free «World Cinema» Essay Sample

Films and movies are probably the most popular form of entertainment in the world. The film industry has grown into a big entity over the centuries, which not only provides employment for actors and producers but also keeps viewers entertained at all times. As a film fanatic, I will analyze some movies that were interesting and entertaining (Gazetas, 2008). One notable feature of the British Comedy and Romantic movies is the historical consistency of balance between comics and romance with the hilarious parts or scenes placed at the beginning and they gradually fade to give way to the romance as well as intended lessons and message to the viewer. The plot is always well understood backwards after the initial view forward.

The movie was interesting and blended the comedy and romance well. I like the plot because the story develops well from pure comedy and gradually blends in love and before one knows it, it has shifted from comedy to serious romance and emotions that overrule the comedy towards the end. Sydney Young the aspiring journalists has his ambition built well as he moves from a British to a reputable New York magazine, Sharps (McNair, 2009). What is captivating is how from his errors and blunders he keeps getting recognition and break through. An example is his sharp criticism of Clayton Harding yet he later, after the first party incident where he let loose a pig, hires him and towards the end promotes him to replace his former boss by the name Lawrence. His constant irritation of colleagues at Sharps magazine makes one have a liking for his persistence. I was left looking for the next act that he would initiate. One of his victims of annoyance called Alison ends up having a relationship with him and at one point covers for the irritant young who had accidentally killed a female colleague’s dog. The relationship play between Lawrence his boss, Alison, and a mix of Sophie makes the movie hilarious and romantic in its own right. I was however attracted by the symbolism of the grandmother’s ring Young had. He thought he lost his love with Alison when she left with Lawrence and had an infatuation for Sophie that was aimed at a casual relationship. This was supposed to cost him the ring but on realizing he had a chance with Alison, the movie gains momentum from his stealing back the ring and the fight where he reveals he killed Sophie’s dog. The movie ends with Young winning Alison. I like how simple and interesting the plot was executed and the timing between hilarious actions and serious pursuit for love by Young.



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Up The Chastity Belt- 1971

In this film, we are introduced to the Queen of England who gives birth to twin brothers. They live different lifestyles due to unavoidable circumstances where one is taken and dumped in a pig sty (Kellet, 1971). Richard is kept and cared for very well while Lurkalot is hidden in a pig sty and raised to think its mother is the pig just to save the royal blood in case something happened to the other. He is a very determined and hardworking man. He lives as a servant selling chastity belts in the local village to make a living.  Because of the economic status of his master, he also helps him in selling some love portions and other unusual inventions. Lurkalot has to rescue his master’s castle that is lost in a challenge to Sir Braggart de Bombast. He is very strong and a good fighter who contests and wins despite him not being a knight.  

I feel this contest inspires and makes the movie interesting because Lurkalot protects his master’s daughter and overcomes all the forces from Sir Braggart whose intention was to acquire both the master’s land and the daughter. On this mission, he also saves Richard who is his twin brother. Richard is unwilling to go back home and tries all means to overpower the attempts from Lurkalot who wants to take him home. He is very determined to rescue his brother who seems unconcerned about returning home. Richard had met a woman while in Germany whom he decides to stay with and he is not willing to go back home. It is funny when Richard denies and casually tosses the crown to Lurkalot for he thinks his people will not notice the difference.

The story is more confusing and needs a lot of concentration as the setting varies from time to time.  The people in England have false accusations made against Lurkalot as he is not a witch. It is encouraging to see both Lurkalot and Richard settling at the end of the movie and the kingdom saved. I like the movie because of how the plot links each and every experience Lurkalot goes through in preparation to having him get his rightful place, the throne. The perseverance and hope of romance is appealing. The movie portrays how one can go all round looking for romance when it actually finds one at the right moment. This was unique despite it being disgusting in some intimate scenes an example being Richards’s obsession with sex.

Johny English 2003

The movie is straight up hilarious starting from the daydream scene before Johny, a clumsy British Intelligence Agent, who leads an investigation towards intended theft of the crown jewels (Laham, 2009). This is after the previous agents all perish at a funeral of their colleague who was killed by the villains. They are equally responsible for the Bomb at the funeral.

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The investigations and chase are funny and naturally presented from his mistaken hitting of his boss, his accidental drop of his gun’s magazine when he had the thieves in sight, to his chasing the wrong car in pursuit of the thieves. My best laugh however is when he restrains a whole funeral procession mistakenly for thieves. His partner Bough seems to cover for his comical errors all through and so the two execute the plot so well.

The main captivating factor in this movie is how Johny through his errors and mistakes always seem to land ironically on the right trail or uncovers critical evidence. Talk of being in the wrong place at the wrong time until he actually has his head at the wrong place in the right time to be crowned by the Bishop. The comics do not end even after the mystery is solved, he takes Lorna for a drive but just as he is about to kiss her, presses accidentally the eject button placed in his car and Lorna is thrown out of the car!

The movie is hilariously addictive and the plot though action filled, one cannot fail to realize there was laughter at the end of every tense moment. It is at the end that I start to imagine Johny must have been a genius who used how people perceived him to carry out his intentions without being stopped both by the criminals or his seniors at work.

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Run Fat Boy – 2007

Run fat boy is a romantic comedy that talks of change and perseverance. It hooks the viewer to the screen from the onset when Dennis develops cold feet at the altar and runs away from his pregnant fiancée Libby. The movie goes on to show how Dennis has a miserable life thereon and the only thing he values is time with his son Jake (Schwimmer, 2003). Momentum gains when Whit an achiever who is wealthy makes his intentions of being with Libby known. This sparks some jealousy in Dennis who later learns he intends to take part in Nike River Marathon in London. As a way of proving something to friends, relatives and even his landlord that he can be something, he challenges Whit to the race.

The movie is well executed and Dennis seems to fit in the helpless-but willing part so well. His training for the marathon is hilarious as well as his hustle in life away from Libby and Jake his son. A typical scene full of laughter is while as a security guard and itching at the groin he rubs it against a manikin. This is in full glare of customers on the exterior of the glass windows. The spatula training scene where his landlord spanks him with a spatula while trailing on a scooter is quite comical.

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I like the story line and appreciate the movie from how it transforms from a seemingly comic story with no serious theme to a serious romantic theme full of purpose and depicting change at its best. Everyone watching can guess Dennis will win in the end but no one can actually guess how as the movie goes on. The movie is educative too and I like the way it explains the idea of the “brick wall” in marathon. It is captivating and touching when Dennis who is portrayed from the onset as a joker and irresponsible father advices the son and ironically himself at the same time about giving up and running away from challenges. This happens when Whit proposes to Libby who accepts and he gives up on participating in the race. After the Jake, his son, runs away from home and he finds and advices him in the park, he discovers that he too ran away once and was going to take his own advice and finish the race.

Nuns on the run- 1990

Just like the comedy Johny English, Brian and Charlie both gang members are tired of the mob life and want out as their former boss is killed and replaced by a mean one named Casey (Lynn, 1990). Brian and Charlie participate in a robbery of a fellow group known as the Triad and make away with the money. Their boss is after them as well as the Triad gang and they happen to escape into a nunnery posing as Sister Euphemia and Inviolate. The fun is on how they try and act as nuns to survive unnoticed by both fellow nuns and the gang until Faith, a lady in love with Brian happens to come after them inside the nunnery.

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The movie is down to earth and outrageously funny. Not even the scattered action chases wiped the smile off my lips. I like the flow of the story because unlike the other movies, we actually get to know the next intention but we just cannot tell what will hilariously go wrong. I however think that the nunnery scenes were too long and the way the gangs were coming and investigating Brian and Charlie on their whereabouts was rather too superficial. I believe had the plot phased out the gang activities, the movie would have been much more funny. All the same, save for the funny scenarios that are well organized at every point of suspense, the plot is shallow and rather obvious.

The romantic moments are not clearly brought out as much as Faith plays her part where she is in love with Brian so well. The way the priest is easily circumvented at the church when Faith goes for confession is not convincing although the confession is on point. I understand the fact that Brian is on the run but that does not explain why the few moments he has he cannot try and express the least of his feelings in a proper way. His manner might be intended for comic relief but it does not work for me very well. 


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