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Free «War in Europe and North Africa» Essay Sample

I.         Major Events

A.        War in Europe and North Africa

1939 --- The warfare starts as Poland falls to Germany.

1940 --- France, Holland, Belgium, Norway, and Denmark go down to Germany. Italy goes into the war on the Axis part, assaults Great Britain in North Africa, and occupies Greece. German incursion of Great Britain is designed but never happens.

1941 --- Italy is pushed back by Great Britain from North Africa. Mean while Russia is invaded by Germany. At this time, the United States takes sides and joins the allies while Japan joins the axis side.

1942 --- At the end of this year the tables turn and the axis find themselves between a hard place and a rock. The United States invades North Africa. War seesaws in North Africa.

1943 ---Russia pushes the Germans back, Italy and Germany are expelled from the horn of Africa and, as a result, Italy surrenders to the allies, but it is occupied by Germany.

1944 ---France is invaded by the allies while Germany is pushed back by Russia.

1945 --- Allies win as Germany surrenders.

B.        War in the Pacific

In the pacific what happened were the battles that eventually lead to the atomic era. Below are some of the main battles that were considered to be fatal to both sides of the divide.



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Battle of the Bulge

Battle of Leyte Gulf

Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

II.        Leadership

A.        Political Leaders

The Second World War changed how the political leaders viewed human kind, and this marked the birth of democracy in many countries. However, many countries had to start the process of building the economies from scratch, and this was a monumental load to the political leaders as they were enormous expectations from them.

 B.        Military Leaders

In military, it turned to be a competition to create and acquire new weapons and at the same time increase military personnel. This was the main job that the military leaders had to do and this goes on to this moment.

III.      End of the War

A.        Human Cost

It is evident that most countries lost many people in this war and the world’s population as whole were hugely affected.

B.        Economic Results

As mentioned earlier some countries had to start from scratch as their industries were downright wiped out during the war. For example, in Moscow most industries were affected and Russia had to start them afresh. In other countries, land was affected because of bombs this in turn affected the economy of the countries that depended on farming as income.

C.        Atomic Legacy

The first atomic bomb was used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki both cities in Japan. This was considered by many as the game changer in the war. It clearly set new standards in terms of weapons and bombs. The bombing of these cities marked the end of the war.

Gorbachev was born in Stavropol Krai, a son to a peasant. He attained a degree in law from Moscow State University in 1955. Its while in university that he joined Communist Party of the Soviet Union and turned to be an active member of the party. In addition, he was appointed to the first secretary position in 1970 and later in 1974 he was appointed to the First Secretary to the Supreme Soviet in 1974, and appointed a member of the Politburo in 1979. After the deaths of prominent soviet leaders like Leonid Brezhnev, Konstantin Chernenko and Yuri Andropov, , Gorbachev was elected General Secretary by the Politburo in 1985.

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The Soviet Union was by now experiencing significant troubles by the late 1970s, and early 1980s, bedeviled by sluggish economic performance, a blown up military budget, weighty social problems and state machinery that were rife with fraud and suspicion. Following the passing away of Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev, the change oriented Yuri Andropov took leadership. However, he did not live long to achieve his desired goals and reforms and was succeeded by Konstantin Cherenkov. Cherenkov was a conservative; however he also died shortly after taking over. This brought Mikhail Gorbachev to power, and he tried to transform the Soviet state, but his efforts came too much, too late: instead of reforming the Soviet system, they accelerated its fall.

In an attempt to salvage the Soviet organization, Gorbachev developed a financially viable strategy based on reconstruction (perestroika) of the Soviet machinery. To implement this plan perfectly, he saw the need to illustrate how terrible things were in the country. He started an openness campaign called glasnost. The campaign was meant to stimulate the citizens and mobilize them to accept and support his reforms. However his campaign still holds the soviet people close together, his ideas of development were recognized by many across the globe and this gave him a noble peace prize.

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It is clear that the most challenging issue in the united state is that that touches on its homeland security as it affects the Americans directly. Therefore, the most challenging issue to the United States of America is the formation of al-Qaeda and it ambitions to topple the united state and its allies across the world and especially the Middle East countries. The reason for this was challenge is evident as the government needs to ensure it maintains the Americans superiority over the war on terror globally. In case the Taliban succeeds in its intensions it means that the united state foreign influence will be lost and it will have no influence to the international issues.

Domestically the United States fights with a lot of issues that can be described as disturbing. For example the controversial issues on abortion, gun control, and gays in the military are just but among many issues that require attention back at home. If the administration fails to deal with these issues that affect it within its borders they might turn to be big in future. For example the issue on gun control can be a very delicate issue if not attended to with the required urgency. The control over guns will reduce the crime rate in America, thus creating a peaceful place to live and work.

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The main technological revolutions that can be seen in the 1990s are the development on cell phone production and the internet usage that gained momentum during this period. This development has brought various impacts to the common American citizen. For example, the development on cell phones has improved communication among people, and it has created employment opportunities. The increase in opportunities is caused by the service providers and cell phone manufacturing companies that constantly need the much needed man power.

On the other hand, the internet got popular during this time and similar to the cell phone companies it had tremendous effects to the lives of the common man. It created an easy way to attain and send information across all sort of places. Americans have significantly embraced the use of the internet, and this has created a mixed reaction too many people. The confused thoughts are as a result of the impacts that the internet comes with in to their lives. Despite the internet being a source of trustworthy information, it also has negative information like porn and other social ill vices. The internet has also killed the traditional way of working in offices and many Americans work at the comfort of their houses and still deliver the same services as if in the office. When it comes to education, the internet has helped many students in doing their research and thus saving lots of time walking to the library.

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In conclusion, the advancement in technology has improved people’s lives by creating a plat form for getting employment and it has enhanced easy communication among the citizens.


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