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Anxiety, anticipation, joy, enthusiasm, step by step development – these are the words which characterize the life of an ordinary student. Because of them many people consider college years to be the most amazing and marvelous. Nevertheless, every student should work hard towards achieving a desirable success and take some several general steps.

First, time and money management is the biggest problem which should be solved. Economic factor has always had a great impact on everything. If there is a shortage of money, a student tries simply to get by and works overtime. As a consequence, less and less time is paid to studying process and personal life. Therefore, a student should logically plan everything and meticulously pay attention to every dollar spent.

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Second, mental health is very important as it exercises one’s endurance and stamina. Student who wants to get excellent grades should try to reduce stress level to a very low note. Without a doubt, there will be a great deal of stressful situations. However, if the attitude of a student towards them is positive, it will be much easier not to stuff a head with trifles.

Third, if the question is about success, a student should consider friendship as one of the key element. Making strong connections and getting acquainted to as many as students possible will help to gain support from them as well as share joy and grief.

Consequently, to succeed in college, students should pay attention to all mentioned above, rather than turn a blind eye. It is impossible to achieve positive results without perseverance and hard work. Only if a student seriously considers his or her luck in future, will they be able to get excellent results and reputation in college.


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