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The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels inevitably excites a mixture of strong emotions and feelings. The style of the Manifesto is very attractive and vivid. The reader is confronted by a number of statements that one cannot easily accept. Therefore, the readers keep exploring the text to find support for those statements. The authors give a very interesting perspective on class struggle and the classes of bourgeoisie and proletariat. Most importantly, the description of bourgeoisie remarkably resembles the existing capitalism order. In a sense, the authors condemn everything that is considered positive in a contemporary world.

One of the most impressive parts of the reading is the description of bourgeoisie and the revolutionary role it has played throughout history. The authors implicitly compare this class with a disease. According to the authors, things that were revered and admired earlier were deprived of such qualities by bourgeoisie. The reverence before religion, the chivalry of the knights, the art of working people were all annihilated and turned into a mere commodity good. This approach initially repulses a modern reader because of its strong critique of capitalist order. However, there are hints of truth to the argument; and this is quite unsettling.

The class of proletariat is supposed to win over this evil ruling class. As the main power of bourgeoisie is accumulation of wealth, the proletariats have a direct impact on it. They may stop working in the plants or companies and in this way have a leverage power over bourgeoisie. The proletariat class has several stages of development; and it should educate itself on its own power.

The ideas of class struggle, equality and changes in society are serious problems. It is very educational, and that is why modern societies should reach a compromise between such extremes as the rule of bourgeoisie (or free markets) and the rule of proletariat.


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