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Double entendre is a figure of speech in which a phrase in a poem, music or a song is devised to bring out two means. The first meaning is always obvious and can easily be understood by everyone. On the other hand, the second meaning is a bit complicated, it carries a coded message that an artist uses to emphasize an idea. The two meanings make the reader grasp the content and figure out the intended message. The lyrics of “Life in the Fast Lane” have several double entendre that the writer uses to pass the message.

This essay explicates the double entendre present in Eagles lyrics of “Life in the Fast Lane”

The writer says that the man was hard headed. This phrase is a double entendre as two meanings can be deprived of it. On the surface, the phrase means that the man has a head that is physically hardened. This implies that his head is not as soft as other heads. This phrase also has a deeper meaning that the writer uses to bring out a clear meaning. He emphasizes that the man was very cruel in his actions. The hard head emphasizes on the extent of his cruelty.

The phrase “hot for the game” depicts two meanings. The most obvious meaning that the writer brings forth is that these people were ready to play. Everyone can understand the surface meaning that these two lovers wanted to engage in sports. The other meaning that the phrase highlight is that the two lovers were ready for sex. The game has been used to refer to the sexual action that they were going to engage in. The deeper meaning emphasizes their readiness and preparedness for sex.

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The writer says that they were blinded by thirst. Thirst has been described as a blinding factor to the lovers. The surface level of the phrase is that extreme effects of thirst had made the lovers physically blind. The lack of water for the lovers had resulted to their blindness. The deeper interpretation of the phrase is that both of the two lovers had an extreme urge for sex. Thirst describes their extreme desire thus making them not stop even for a single minute. The desire made them keep on with the sexual action continuously without minding their tired nature.

The title of the song reveals double entendre. On the surface level, it has been used to refer to a physical lane where everyone is in a hurry. A fast moving lane has been used on the surface level, to mean that everyone on the lane is in a rush. It gives a first impression to the reader that there is a maximum speed on the lane. The phrase also refers to the extreme lifestyle that the two lovers were leading. Life on a fast lane has been used to mean the excessive lifestyle that the two lovers engaged in. This especially emphasizes on their general relationship and extreme sexual life.

In the lyrics, the woman tells her lover that they have been up and down the lane for a longer period. The first-obvious meaning derived is that the couple has been trekking for a longer time and has passed through hills and valleys. The surface meaning just gives an impression to the reader that the trekking has been occurring for a prolonged period. In a deeper sense, the writer is talking about the extreme sexual action that the lovers have been engaging in. The movement up and down the lane for a longer span of time implies the longer period of time that these two lovers engage in sex.

The writer says there were images in the mirror. From a more obvious perspective, the author tries to show that the woman checked herself in the mirror and observed lines of her face. The first meaning is that the woman’s face had marks that were observed on the mirror. The writer forms the impression that the mirror revealed the lines on the face of the woman. In a deeper sense, the images on the mirror indicate the extreme lifestyle that the couple led.

In the lyrics, the woman asks her lover if he can hear the engines ring. The outward meaning of the phrase is that the engine has worn out. A reader understands the phrase at a fast glance with the meaning of a mechanical engine. In the deep sense, the woman means that her whole body system is worn out after the long period of action. She uses the word engine to refer to her body system and not the actual engine.

In conclusion, a double entendre is a figure of speech that highlights two meanings. The meanings are to make the message sink deeper among the readers and listeners. There has to be an outward obvious meaning and an inner-hidden meaning for a phrase to rank as a double entendre. This song has various double entendre that the writers use to bring out a clear meaning of the song. The song is about a couple who lead an extreme lifestyle with extreme sexual actions. The heading is itself a double entendre. Its surface meaning is that people are walking at a faster rate on the highway. In the deeper sense, it implies the extreme lifestyle that the couple was leading. Another double entendre depicts where the author of the song says that there were images on the mirror. One meaning that can be deducted from this line is that the woman looked herself on the mirror and saw lines that were on her face. Arguably, the writer of the song used double entendre to enhance the meaning of the lyrics.


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